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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Norgord, C. P.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 10: how to grow a bumper corn crop PDF (923.1 KB)

   The yield of corn is directly dependent upon the stand. The stand of corn
                           in Wisconsin during recent years has been only
1. Planta perfectstand of  60 to 70 per cent. The crop must, therefore, be
perfect germinating seed,  limited to that per cent. Forty-one bushels per
                           acre, Wisconsin's average yield, can be obtained
by securing one good ear per hill from corn checked in hills, three and one-half
feet apart. We are, therefore, getting only one-half of a yield of corn through-
out the state. One of the causes of low stand is low vitality of the seed.
ing one dead ear means planting 800 dead kernels, losing 800 plants and 8014
ears or $4 worth of crop. Therefore;
    A very simple tester caIl he made out of a piece of muslin nine inches
wide and
sixty inches long. With indelible pencil mark off squares two and one-half
Inches each
way leaving eighteen inches at each end for rolling.
     The sawdust germinator shown on next page Is made from a box about
                     twenty-five inches wide, four inches high and any cor-
2. Test each ear of venient length. Two Inches of moist sawdust is packed
seed corn used.     in the bottom of the box and covered with a piece of
                     muslin, marked into squares, 2% inches by 2% inches.
The corn is placed on the squares, covered with another piece of muslin and
then finally, with a pillow of moist sawdust, 2 inches thick. The muslin
sawdust should be sterilized by boiling each time after being used.

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