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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Ingalls, G. R.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 7: "how to run a cow testing association" PDF (1.1 MB)

There are doubtless one or more of the least profitable kind in nearly every
The Cow Testing Association will separate them out. No farmer can afford
spend his own time, pay high priced labor or maintain expensive milking mach-
ines to milk cows of this class. The $100.00 kind for me.
   Second, it determines the value of profitable cows and of the progeny
of those
cows. A prominent Wisconsin dairyman,)d priced one of his cows to a neighbor
at $150.00. but the neighbor refused to paW $150.00, saying that that was
too mueh
money for a cow. After the cow had bean in the test association for a year
her real value was known, this same neighbor came back and paid $275.00 for
the same cow. No longer will 300 or 4U pound cows be sold for common cow
prices, or their progeny sold at veal prick, if their true value is known.
pays for the testing of one's herd for seral years.
   Third, it helps the farmer to feed so "s to get the greatest returns
for every
dollar's worth of feed fed. This. is mad# possible by the tester giving to
member of the association the benefit O his experience as a feeder and his
knowledge of the different kinds of feed. 4One of our best farmers sent the
he was feeding his herd to the agricultu4l teacher in the local high schooL
leaving out the barley and mixi- g the renning parts of the ration in a different
proportion the ration was nearly balanceA and gave much better results at
pail. The actual saving was 8 cents on thO feed of each cow per day. The
was feeding 22 cows.
    22Xke=$1.76 saved per day.
    30X$1.76=$52.80 saved per month; (enough to pay for testing the herd
nearly two and one-half years) and to tids amount must be added the returns
from the increased milk flow. It is not Pnlikely that a competent tester
render as valuable service to a large number of our farmers who might be
to take on the woek.
    Fourth, it raises the standard of pr;duction. Another successful dairyman
who has kept a record of his herd for tW past fve years has found that by
doing the average annual butter fat prod =ion of each cow in his herd has
increased nearly 20 pounds for ea  yer he had the cows under- test. The
average price og hAu   tt is SOo.
    X       O4        eabh returned pa- cow per year, for testing. $6.00
plied by tie isamWi aas.sin Vowbwhe atives you the value of having them in
the test association. On this bass I yoa)*ve but three cows, you will be
20 per cent Interest on your lnvestmen ,aroviding you pay $15.00 per year
having the work done. That Is the knf investment for which I am looking.
Many instances of an increase in mil  Vrduction of 25 to 60 per cent in twe
years are en reeord.
    Fifth, it raises the standard of the ierd and the value of the individual
animals because the heifers from high pduclng dams sired by pure bred sire
of merit are sure to possess dairy qualit ~'hich guarantees such animals
makers and top-notehere Then sold. In t c connection the opportunity which
test association offers for proving which d as are capable of transmitting
to their
offspring dairy quality hn a high degree clot be too strongly emphasized.
very general practice of sending mature t11 bred bulls to the block when
in their prime for breeding purposes is nudimental to our dairy industry
should be stopped. The Cow teing        on   solves the problem of proving
sires. Keep proven sires of merit in
    Sixth, it increases one's love for god 0ows interests boys and girls
in farm
life and Its possibilities, and induces readl*tnd study on the part of its
Better care, better barns, better equlpment follow.
    Seventh, the Cow Testing Associated aay be considered   Farmers Club
which is an organization of the people ii ay locality for the improvement
themselves, their homes, and their commui4t . Regular monthly meetings boneft
members socially, educationally and ftnanly. Let as put Wisconsin first in
number of cow testing associations. Let u. make her the unexcelled dairy
of the world, a leader socially and educatinally.
         Subject for March Dulletinu "   Work Hoe in the Spring'

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