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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Ingalls, G. R.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 7: "how to run a cow testing association" PDF (1.1 MB)

                           BY G. R. INGALLS
    Denmark has made good in the dairy business. She has been *ucceusful
because her citizens have realized the value of working together for their
good, and have adopted a practical way of finding out which cows were profit
makers. Experience has proven that the best and most economical way to find
out the profit makers to through a Co-operative Cow Testing Association.
means of these associations Denmark, in 15 years, has doubled the average
butter fat production of each cow. Wisconsin dairymen can do likewise.
    The testing of one's herd is a straight business proposition, and the
tive Cow Testing Association Is the best and most economical way of getting
work done. No successful merchant handles a line of goods on which he does
not make a profit; likewise no progressive dairyman wiU milk a cow on which
does not make the greatest profit possible.
   When a cow owner appreciates this fact he will want to know what each
Individual cow Is doing for him; he will welcome the organization of an associa-
tion and glady have his herd entered. He winl talk the merits of the cow
association to his acquaintances, and will be willing to spend a day or more
going with the county or state organizer to acquaint his neighbors with the
tunity for them to find out what their cows are doing. Enthusiasm and a one-way
pun together, at the same time by every one who is interested in progressive
agriculture gets results that are surprising.
   The plan for running a cow testing association Is to hire a man who will
spend one day each month with each farmer who takes on the work, or in case
the herds are small and located reasonably close together, one day with two
farmers. The tester comes to the farmer in the afternoon, weighs the milk
each cow night and morning and takes a composite sample from the two milking.
for making the test; he also weighs all feed fed.
   The tester determines the monthly milk production of each cow by usin
one day's weighing as a base or by adding up the milk sheet for the farmer
he weighs every miking which, for several reasons, he in advised to do. After
the tests have been run, the per cent of fat and all findings are recorded
In a
Record Book especially prepared for this work and furnished without charge
the State Dairymen's Association. At the end of the year the owner of a herd
can see what each cow has produced, and the amount and cost of feed. Profts
are shown and the "think" or "guess" is replaced with
definite knowledge regard-
Ing each animal in the herd.
    Successful organization necessitates getting into the Association 400
or more
cows comprisIng 26 or more herdn. For several reasons It Is very dellrahle

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