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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Moore, R. A.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 1: now is the time to test seed corn PDF (896.8 KB)

  This work can be done by boys and girls in the home as well as by older
people. The widespread interest taken in the young people's seed growing
contests during the past six years indicates that that there is an important
work for the young people in the way of curing and testing pure bred corn
to be grown upon their parents! farms or for dissemination in their neighbor-
hood and elsewhere.
  One of the chief purposes in the inauguration of these contests is the
dissemination of seed corn that has been carried through successful breeding
tests by the Station. By placing small quantities of highly bred corn in
hands of several thousand boys and girls, plots of corn can be grown on
many thousand farms of the state and a start made in the direction of estab-
lishing pure bred seed upon each farm. All corn that is not selected for
county fair contest should be carefully cured and stored for the winter.
the proper time in the spring it should be ear-tested and the corn on the
good ears planted for the season's crop. The farm can then become a seed
corn center where neighboring farmers and others can purchase good seed.
  The demand for the standard Wisconsin varieties of corn is very great and
growers are rewarded for their labors by securing good prices for any good
seed corn they desire to put on the market. By a little co-operation between
the young people and their parents in the production and sale of pure bred
seeds the bonds of attachment to the farm become so strong that there is
tle desire on the part of the boys and girls for city life.
  The agronomy department will aid every grower of pure bred seeds with
advice in regard to the growing, storing and marketing of the crop.  All
should unite to make Wisconsin known far and near for its wonderful pro-
duction of pure bred seed grains. Maximum results cannot be expected,
however, until every farmer has formed the habit of regularly testing his
seed corn.

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