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Neumeyer, Arthur J. (ed.) / The birth of a city: Brillion from village to city April 4, 1944
(April 4, 1944)

Where on earth is Brillion? PDF (110.6 MB)

317 No Main Street
Brillion, 'isconsin 54110
November 21, 1972
Mando and Francis Ariens
Brillion, Vtisoonain
Dear Old F-riends:
As a vintagc fo-ur score-golden ager and P. nearly 54 year hiistori-
Cal minded citizen of B~rillion, the following brainstorm occurred
to me which I wish to pass on to you for your consideration.
The idea came about when I learned that a new building will be con-
structed in Brillion for    library, since approval for the  riens
Homestead for a library would not be grinted If so, does that
mean that the Arlen uniiue home will be razed and obliterated as
so many other historical landmarks have been destroyed around
which 1nrillion was founded,, such as the lime kilns, the railroad
de-pot, cigar factories, furniture factory, City 'Tall, Schneider
THotel, etc., etc.?
As a director of the Trillion Historical ociety, may I sugI7st
that the Ariens homae be preservod and turned into . museum in
honor of your fntlher, IT enry Ariens.  In my wray of thinking, this
site would have a. douible significance -as a home uith historical
value, and for its close proximity to the location of your fathler's
first operatin- 'lant.   I -?m also quite sure thnt the isconsin
Historical Society, in which I hold mombershi-p, would erect a
permanent landmark in memory of -:,,our(adf    l)bohsapine
manufaturcer and inventor.         I~n     piy     oha       ine
Tf you h;7ve not -s yet relinquished yo-ur jurisdiction to this
nProperty and unique home~- and have not decided on any def~nite
T Would be happy to receive nn expression of your desires.
in closing, I wish to take this on7-ortunity to m~ention that T otill
have nany pleasant memories of doing business wi-th you folks.
'!ery truly yours,
Arthur J. Neumeyer

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