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Fifth hour english and social studies class, Barneveld High School, Barneveld, WI / Barneveld community profile
(June, 1977)

Surveys,   pp. [87]-[93] ff.

Page [93]

fled with the effort of the aovwrnmont in oromoT.inrp busir-ss than the roint.'y
people. The town peonl - ar. nrobehlýv   q'rrcte' h, th, ]a'-k of
bliines. be- 
cause they notice the ironvhaniefle rerpr rh.ýn the rointrv neonlp
town neople are more direct'v involvod.     ý4w,:,uver, thn riýt
loritv tnulI  h 
government was doinT its best iu oromrio-  f   s, -fa-,:',rS. 
    In the last election held, 76'' Of ue     e ir on -   oowrJ d  6q,11
of the 
 country people voted. The ov wal "            i .e  o Iet, r Ia. 
 74%. One of' the re~asons the town               is r.Lhat. it 
 is more convenient for towin Dee o ,.: 'ut "i  ,ue ind it hard 
 to set away from their work. 
    Out of the 7) towr-,                        ,naD) a',- 1 -:veld wa',
 perinr-. Barneveld is a,,rospnriri-. ,.l_ }    i   nevf housaes 
 and businesses are         s:aa-rj . * jS i " ,   af,-i r,:.hq 
 larzer towns and is        j peaceful ift! E,, 
    On the que-,t~ion "Poes the s,,h , " o -  ,   ' onrts?"
the town oninion was very            41?Ws. a 71, Sai)i too r' .  me' vrK-',
spent on 
sports. 52% said no. 82 pecrj )   m'*,- aske ,it   , -:-      - toTn,  Tn
the rural area it was a T-iuir mu;' air,.  27' -eic j-r" -,-' , r.-
said it was alrirht tne wayv i' i ;as,,  ,ra L      ,,    ,   n-,  sa- y--t,
on sports.        j9 t'i ~~.a 
    Our next ciuestion 1-~~0aC              Iu     a     (a~iV 
of education in the school?" 
                 Towr    ~   ~ 
               Excel lent-6      ,  ] f-it 
               Fai r-16                a 
               Very Poor-i       :  Pop 
The majority of" town and contry, fell i f n       th(     it- o''.
was next with 16 in town and 1 I%,. in -p            P-I aa1 ' a- Poor and
Very Poor cateo-ories, SiJ in tovr, rate'S      -n , _ rt,   :i1 n    dr
d~rj ji 
the country. 
   From this survev we can coc-.]cj    thMa    a .  -,r'v s    -a na)aonn1
Barneveld ire hapnv here. r-oer.u - ,   1,  ,. . -C ns m,' d for the 
community. Most noorA e fe .2 ttlr efmmf,1 i i      -nd ti;' uIti ook 
for new business Is a"'od. 

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