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Fifth hour english and social studies class, Barneveld High School, Barneveld, WI / Barneveld community profile
(June, 1977)

Services,   pp. [40]-49 ff.

Page 45

                     Barneveld Fire Department 
     What has 52 legs sprays water and hates fire? You guessed it! 
It's the fire department. We found out some interestinC information 
through an interview with Bill Arneson about this orpanization. 
     The Barneveld fire department hasA6 men on the force, the most 
that is allowed by the R7rreveld fire department. Bud Evans is the 
fire chief. 
     The department offers fire protection and rescue work for the 
people of Barneveld and surounding Prea. They also hold social events 
throughout the course of the year. 
     The,,traininr needed for th f'ire department is a 7 week Vocational
school traininr program a year in advance. The department itself has 
a 2 hour training period o-!ry 2 weeks for the department members. 
Extensive training is needed for the Rescue squad. Firemen also have 
to be (between the ages of 18 and 55) physically fit and mentally alert 
to qualify for the department. 
     All members of the fire department clean and maintain the equip- 
ment used for fighting fires. 
     The money that runs the fire department comes from t-Bvillage of 
Barneveld and Towm of Brogham. The men make about $3:00 an hour for 
fighting fires. 
     When there is a fire cpl], all calls go to Iowa county sheriff's 
office. The firemen are alerted by radio recievers in their homes. 
The trucks are equiped with local base radios and sheriff's office reo 
cievers in for direct contact with the sheriff's office and other 
members of the force. 
     The now equipment that the department is getting is a t345,000.00 
station that is being built on the edge of town. We are also gettinp 
an ambulance for Barneveld and the Brigham town-ship. 

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