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Fifth hour english and social studies class, Barneveld High School, Barneveld, WI / Barneveld community profile
(June, 1977)

School,   pp. [31]-39 ff.

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                           Mrs. Skinrood - Teacher 
       Mrs. Skinrood was interviewed about the time she spent in Barneveld
and how it changed during those years. She was chosen because she has been
involved in this school system for eleven years and we thought her statement
would be helpful as an eyewitness to Barneveld High School's history. The
following article was written based on her answers. 
       The first school in the village of Barneveld was built in 1883. It
was a frame building built on the same spot where the present building now
stands. The first high school class that graduated here was in 1923; there
wasn't a regular high school before that. The students used to spend three
years in Barneveld and then they had to go to another school to graduate.
       When she just came here eleven years ago, the building wasn't as big
as it is now, but she started teaching in the same room she is teaching in
now. At that time the building had alot of open spaces which made it common
to see a cat or a dog in'the halls during class time. In the year that she
came, Mr. Benson was the superintendent and he decided to separate the Junior
High from the Grade and High School. During the first four or five weeks
had to work with her own ideas before the books came, but she had all the
material that was necessary to teach social studies. 
       The way she teaches is about the same as she used to ten years ago,
except that the students now have more choice and.freedom of speech. Students
from ten years ago come to visit her and she feels pleased when they say
important all those things she taught them are. She feels that the students
nowadays aren't so prepared as they were ten years ago. At that time all
class would come'to school prepared and now she expects four or five to do
same. She attributes this to the modifications in teaching during the years.
                                                   (a      /i* 

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