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Fifth hour english and social studies class, Barneveld High School, Barneveld, WI / Barneveld community profile
(June, 1977)

School,   pp. [31]-39 ff.

Page 36

                             qnhoo]. Board 
                             Marv Ann Myers 
      Mpry Ann Myers, a formeir school hoard member, ws intervimeweA to give
 uis i.nsi~ht as to what her ro3e t.ns and what she ne-sonally w-anted to
 out of being on the School Board. 
      Mary Ann served 5 year- on the hoard. 'hen John Benson resigned she
 ws aiakrd to take thn poni.tior .in April,72. This me-nt she wolild be on
 , the election which w-as held in J,.ly. She ran for the position
and wras 
      T asked her what effect bein- the only womn~n on the hoard had on her.
 She replied that it had little nef-(ýt, hbii- !he ndmits times where
her point 
 of view on an issue was compl.etely different from the other msmbers. She
 was also qiiVe definite iwhen she asid that the board wa.s not predjudice
 against, her as 8 women. 
      Mrs. Myers ntated that sho hnd some ne.-ro"rl Coils that she w.,nteed
 Cet accomplished whil.e ser-,ir - on the bo.ard. Th'.. first one was to
make the 
 public aware that there are ilot of very Hoedicated tenchers !,Tho Cive
 more than ore required of them. She felt thnt the pDibllr shoild learn to
 treat their teachers for whit thpyr-r worth. 
      Anothr item she wanted to see imp-oved communicntion hetween the
 community and the school. 
      She P.iso stated that, Mr. Thirlbhr works closely with the hoard, and
 if hisI views were different from theirs h- w.otld carry out wh-t the board
 wanted him to do. 
      Mrs. Myers has held positions as both treisurer ind Vict- President
 and exnlained some of the ditAec- of these job.s. The treasurer is bonded
 receives stite iids and tax revenuen from the. locil Tniri.--.Tities. This
 is  banked. The treasu-er ii therefore responsible for this money. The 
 Vfce President fills in when the nrpeident is -ono. e. rrying  out. his
      Mirs. Myers was also asked hbotit i.rhit projects w.:ore undorta--ren
whil h111c 
 was on the boird. Thm biggest project w:an the ].lr-e-- hnil.rin!7 additi-on
 the school. She s-id plot of hb..dirbhes -esu].ted from it, but the 'end
 was worth it. 
     Another nojor project was the bus barn. She felt this was very much
needed to protect the buses fron vn".lis'. The ]ený -,ireh..e
to buil. 
arother i'thletic field -,)s - third projet. Thnu-h jt reyer passed, ir 

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