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Fifth hour english and social studies class, Barneveld High School, Barneveld, WI / Barneveld community profile
(June, 1977)

Business & commerce,   pp. [19]-29 ff.

Page 25

                        Barneveld State Bank 
                             Ted Arneson 
      The Barneveld State Bank was organized June 1, 1896. The bank was 
 started by a man who came from Jones Valley which is in our school district.
 It was a private bank named after him, Jerome J. Jones, and was operated
 on a sight near where the Masonic Hall is now located. Everything had 
 been successful so they incorporated it as Barneveld State Bank in 1904.
 It was then built on the corner where it is now. Mr. Jones continued to
 operate it for 35 years. Then Ted Arneson's father joined the bank be- 
 cause he had some training and helped run the adding machines. In 1940 
 Ted Arneson started to work at the bank with his father. That same year
 Mr. Jones sold the bank to the Arneson family and Ted Arneson has worked
 there ever since. 
     Mr. Ted Arneson has been involved with the Barneveld State Bank for
31 years and has been president for 17 of those 31 years. He is a very active
person in the community and has been so ever since high school. He grad-
uated from Barneveld Public High Schools in 1940 as Valedictorien of his
class. During school he was involved in basketball, class plays, chorus,
band, school paper editor and other things. After high school he attended
the University of Wisconsin from 1941-1943, and then went into the U.S. 
Army Corp of Engineers until 1946. He then went back to the U.W. until 
1948   when he started working at the bank as cashier and director. Mr. 
Arneson also worked at the bank the summer of 1940-1941 and then part time
until 1948 when he started full time. Mr. Arneson was elected president 
July 1, 1962. 
     Mr. Arneson has many duties as president of the Barneveld State Bank.
He conducts the monthly board meeting, checks to see that everyone does 
their jobs in the bank correctly and is part of the loan committee. His 
main responsibilities are to keep the bank assets and liabilities balanced
by making investments. Everyday he watches the government bond market and
invests the bank's money so that the bank can pay interest to their savers
and make a profit to pay dividends to their stock broker. Mr. arneson 
usually is busy with the money markets in the morning or early afternoon
because the markets close later in the afternoon. 
     Last year, 1976, was the Barneveld State Bank's 80th Anniversary. 

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