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Fifth hour english and social studies class, Barneveld High School, Barneveld, WI / Barneveld community profile
(June, 1977)

Government,   pp. [9]-17 ff.

Page 17

                        Vil.a£e BoarH 
                        Pat M.ssin-er 
     Pat MessingEr has lived in '-h com-,inity IQ y-irs. She's bean appointed
to the board is cleric where. she tikgl 1hr min'it-s at hoard meetin-s an,!
them up as well as doing. any correspondence and telephoning necessary. 
As the treasurer she also fizures out the tny roll, and collects tho 
taxe, from the pepel?. 
     The board h-?s done fh+i- f'or the "r'mm-'n4t,' 14te hb .d 4-he
wýter t.,r, 
the sewer systom, the curb -nd -utfor n4   n-w wel+l. mrs. Messinger says
they also need a commui, ty cmftr. 
     PInn- for the fiftir- 4nclutve hiildinZ v nen, six stall fire station
a to,.m hall, a meeting hal.l and 4 smal kitr.hpn. Tt. will. he loc1ted he-
hird the Catholic Church. 
     The only problem tho commiin4t-, his ri-ht. now vcco-dinm to Mrs. Messinger,
is that the DwIF that our so',!w syst-m Fn't doing- the job 1t shounld.
     ONt of a-l the taxes !he colle'ts, 50, goes to the sohool, th'ý
village keeps a little of It to pay Virill .Thbs and Tim TIease for maintenanno
ser-iTces. The -emainder :o-i to the r *te -nd the county for tayes. 
     The ,]rIaZP hoard hbs j,,st stnrted a nrw planning rommision of seven
buisiness men. They have been tryinr, to get some indiistry in th- cormminuit,.
The neol 4r for smal-le- ones tha-t ,roildn't strain the sewer sys-em too
                                                       '14e'~ X44eAA 

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