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Fifth hour english and social studies class, Barneveld High School, Barneveld, WI / Barneveld community profile
(June, 1977)

Government,   pp. [9]-17 ff.

Page 13

     Joe Pyan has been a member of the hoard reprpserting the northern 
part of Brigham Township for one year. He attends each meeting on the first
Wednesday of every month. Re also ntt'nds special meetings that include 
township legislators at our state capita]. Joe is the newest member 
of the board, takcing over for Clarence Lpnhtr who moved away from the 
     The Board consists of four other members including Chairman 
Dave Feeson, Clerk Norman Dueps]r, Tre-urer Tom Hodgson and the two 
Supervisors, Joe and Clinton Poberts. They all are serving two year 
terms, and have met the board's neqiiremenfs of bein- tax paying residents
of our township as well as being above ei-ht-.en y-ars of aZe. 
     The main problhms that face the board are the occasional line fence
problem between nei-hbors wbich miirt h- se'ttld by the board. The most 
recent problem solvinr dilema has been the restriction of buildirg permits
to save crop land. 
     The budget money is basi.c.a]]y used for the school, road improvements,
equipment and labor. Joe felt that the people f'e-l he taxes are high 
because rural land values have bhe   -apidl.v inrreasing. There is concern
abouf accessing farm land at its UsC value. Rut even thouZh the taxes 
are hiZh the people of the townshin !ene'e  quite satisfied with the job
the board has done. 
     The fltur- plans for the board are to finish blacl" toppie all
rural roads that need a new finigh. Th-r also plan on makinr, all of the
finiqhinC touches "or the movin.- of the old town hall to the new complex
which is presently being conztructid. 

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