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Fifth hour english and social studies class, Barneveld High School, Barneveld, WI / Barneveld community profile
(June, 1977)

Government,   pp. [9]-17 ff.

Page 11

                               Steve Eveland 
                             Village President 
     On April 5, Barneveld, along with many other villages and towns throughout
 Wisconsin, held the elections for public offices. The mayoral race in 
 Barneveld was probably one of the highlights of our area. Many of these
 office openings were decided on April 5th but Barneveld's mayoral race wasn't
 decided until April 11. This came about when the vote count came up with
 tie of 100 votes apiece. The board then decided that the man chosen for
 mayor would be decided by a coin toss. On April 11 at 1:00 our 2 village
 president candidates met with the other board members for the toss of the
 Shelby Raisbeck chose tails while Steve Eveland represented by heads. After
 one illegal throw, the coin went up and landed upon the floor with the head
 insigna facing everyone who watched. This meant that Steve Eveland was 
 our new Village President. 
     Steve was born in rural Barneveld in 1927. He was born in a large 
 family of 9, The son of Bradford and Eva Eveland. He has lived in Barneveld
 all of his life and has been a member of the Village Board for over 16 
 years. He has been employed by the Quad County C6-op for over 30 years,
 delivering gas and doing repair work as a part of his job. 
     Steve r'ow takes on the responsibility that our past mayor, John Koenig,
 firmly took care of for many years. His job responsibilities range from
 conducting meetings to finding answers for any problems in our community.
 He plans on keeping the Barneveld community on a solid foundation, to continue
 in the same direction of growth ind prosperity. He feels that our village
 board has done a fine job of keeping taxes at a minimum and yet they have
 made many improvements such as the water tower, new wells, sewage plant,
 keeping the streets and curbs in fine condition. He also mentioned the plans
 of building a new fire station and town and village hall combined. The money
 from the budget is used for most of these improvements, and is also used
 the saleries of village employees. 
     Mayor Eveland said thatso me of the problems our community has are keeping
the village operating on a fair budget while improving and keeping dogs tied
and not letting them run freely. When asked whether he thought Barneveld
a high tax rate for the amount of services offered, he firmly stated no,
aaid that it was comparable with the other villages our size. He feels that
to promote more business, Barneveld must expand and get more people from
city.                                  //I 

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