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Loose, Myrtle; Bastian, June / Persohn family tree 1812-1988

Additional history,   pp. 6-15 PDF (5.3 MB)

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larger towns of Appleton or Green Bay.
M'any descendants of our forefathers have enjoyed many years of
married life. Quite a few have celebrated their 50th anniversary and
some have had more then 60 years of wedded bliss.
The early ancestors were mostly farmers and lumbermen. Their
children and grandchildren had more opportunity for higher education.
Some became teachers, preachers, missionaries, nurses, doctors,
lawyers and specialists in various other occupations.
I have seen many generation pictures of relatives with three,
four and even five generations in the picture. I'll let each of you
make your own collection of your families.
When I started up-dating this family history, I forgot to ask
for information on men and women, who had served in military duty,
since 1954. I know there are many who served and some also gave
their lives for their country during these years of the Korean and
Viet Nam undeclared wars. There are some serving in the armed forces
at the present time. We are not forgetting those in the service of
our country and honor them for their service.
God has blessed our ancestors with many descedants in their new
home land of America. The descedants were gifted with an assortment
of talents which helped them prosper during their earthly years.
I want to thank all relatives for their co-operation with the
information given to make this genealogy possible. Thanks to June
Bastian, who typed up all the names and dates for me. Also thanks
to my brother Wilbert, who proof read my history section.
If there are any errors,they were not made intentionally. If any
names and dates are missing,    it is because we did not receive
the information. PLEASE send me any errors so I can correct the
master copy. Would appreciate it if relatives would keep us in-
formed of any additions of births, deaths and marriages since
the last ones listed in this book. It has taken me several years
to get all this material together. I would like a yearly list of
all changes of recordseso I can send out up-dated lists every
year for all to add to your books, as long as I am able to do so.
Thanks for your patience with me, while I was assembling
this material, Many thanks again and God Bless you All.
Myrtle Keuer Loose
N8702 Bastian Rd.
Brillion, Wi. 54110
Phone   Area code 414.
June's address is:                             756- 2797
June Bastian
Brillion, Wi. 54110
Phone - Area code 4th -?Ao
756- 2947

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