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Beloit city directory for 1902

Compendium of general information,   pp. 7-[41] PDF (6.9 MB)

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Express Companies
American Express company-A. R. Tomlin, agent, 413 School St.
United States Express company-N. I. Taylor, agent, 406-08 State
Fire Department
Central station: 613 Fourth srreet, E. E. Goss, chief; Fred Smith,
Asst. chief; D. B. Whetstone, driver hose wagon No. 1; Fred Graham:
driver truck No. 1; Robt. Christensen, Asst. driver; pipemen: Ralph
Cormany, Fred Bittle, Martin Roth, Lance Moses, James Dollar.
Station No. 2: 1070 College ave, north; Edward Hunter, captain;
Eugene Hending, driver; pipemen: 0. W. Smith, Paul Holverson, Ray
Chambers, Win. Ranc; sub Win. Lathrop.
To GIVE AN ALARM-Go to the nearest box, break glass in box,
take key and unlock box, then pull down once on hook which is in plain
sight, and the alarm is given.
The first stroke or strokes of the fire bell designate the ward from
which the alarm is turned in! it also designates the first figure of the
box number. This is followed by a brief pause, and the remaining
strokes indicate the second figure of the box number-thus: 1 stroke,
pause followed by three strokes, means First Ward, box No. 13; fireout,
1--1; more pressure, 2--2; more help, 3--3.
Location of Boxes.
13. Clark hotel.
14. Goodwin House.
15. Broad street and Park avenue.
16. Broad and Mill streets.
17. Prairie and Bushnell avenues.
21. Park avenue and Chapin street.
23. Church and Clary streets.
24. Pleasant and Emerson streets.
25. East Side Fire station.
26. School street and College avenue.
27. Emerson street and Central avenue.
28. Prairie avenue and Clary street.
29. Gridley Chapel.
31, E and Third streets.
32. Fourth and C streets.
34. Vine and D streets.
35. Barrett Mfg. Co., Paper Mill.
36. Berlin Machine Works.
37. Bluff and Merrill streets.
38. 8th and D streets.
41. Bluff and E streets.
42. Bridge and Eighth streets.
C stands for Coal and Cement. The
best grades at                     BELOIT LUMBER CO.

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