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Beloit city directory for 1902

Compendium of general information,   pp. 7-[41] PDF (6.9 MB)

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T  HE CITY OF BELOIT has one of the finest water supplies in the
country, remarkable for its purity. The source of supply is evi-
dently the same as that of Waukesha, Palmyra and other notableWis-
consin waters in this part of the state, as the analysis shows. The water
is supplied by innumerable springs bubbling up under the bottom of a
huge well thirty feet in diameter and forty feet deep. It is so clear and
colorless that a cut glass when filled to the brim looks no different than
the empty glass.
We give the interpretation of analysis made by Prof. E. G. Smith, of
Beloit college: Interpretation of results. The low amount of free
ammonia, albuminoid ammonia, oxygen consumed and nitrates, and finally
the physical properties indicate an almost absolute freedom from organic
matters. (2) The hardness is about the average of our surface waters.
(3) The results of the analysis show this water to rank among the
very best city supplies.             ERASTUS G. SMITH, Ph. D
The grounds of the Waterworks occupy about five acres on the east
bluff of the city and made a very beautiful little park with its natural
trees and sloping lawns. The water tower, 100 feet high, is built of
stone on raising ground and is the finest and largest piece of stone
masonry of the kind in the west. The tower sustains a large cypress
tank, holding 100,000 gallons of water, which is kept full at all times,
day and night, and gives from its own head 60-pounds pressure to the
business portion of the city. The pumps give a direct pressure of 125
pounds when required for fire purposes. Beloit has sixteen miles of
water mains and over 150 fire hydrants, thus giving splendid fire pro-
tection as well as beautiful and healthful water for domestic purposes.
An auxillary water station on the West Side is also connected with
the system and run by water power.

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