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Beloit city directory for 1902

Compendium of general information,   pp. 7-[41] PDF (6.9 MB)

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B stands for Brick-
a fast seller with the BELOIT LUMBER Co.
Beloit College - (Continued.)
The faculty now numbers, including Professors, lecturers, instruc-
tors and assistauts thirty-three. The oldest member of the faculty Pro-
fessor Porter, has been in continuous service since 1852. The College
has enrolled more than 4000 students about 700 of whom are on the
Alumni lists as full graduates. There are at present three parallel cour-
ses of study in the college,- the Classical, Philosophical, and Scientific.
each course having about an equal number of students. Graduates from
the first two courses receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts, from the
Science Course the degree of Bachelor of Science. While believing that
a rounded education should combine a knowledge covering a wide range
of study considerable opportunity is given for selection along particular
lines of work. The courses in language are long and the College has
enjoyed from the first a reputation for the thoroughness and excellence
of the work in the ancient and modern classics. Since the completion
of the Pearsons Science hall the courses in science have been developed
until the Science Course is now fully on a plane with the classical course.
The best test of the work of the College lies in the record of its
alumni. By far the great majority of those who have graduated from
the college have been successful in their several occupations in life;
many having achieved unusual success. The College has sought from
the first to give the graduates an equipment for the life work; it has
considered information secondary to the development in the student of
positive thought-power. With this end in view there has always been
a balance established between the studies which gave a knowledge of
the thought and purpose of men. It has endeavored to make scholars of
men, but at the same time something more than scholars; it has sought
to make them citizens.
Bicycle Ordinance
No person shall ride upon a velocipede or bicycle of any descrip-
tion on any sidewalk of the city of Beloit, except in crossing the same,
within the fire limits of said city, or outside the fire limits upon West
Bridge street between Bluff street and the Northwestern railroad track
where it crosses said Wsst Bridge street.
No person shall ride upon any velocipede or bicycle on any side-
walk within said city of Beloit at a higher rate of speed than four miles
an hour when meeting or overtaking and passing a.pedestrian.
No person shall coast down any hill or grade upon a velocipede or
bicycle on any sidewalk in said city of Beloit.
No person shall ride upon any velocipede or bicycle upon any side-
walk in the city of Beloit during the night time.
Any person or persons who shall violate any of the provisions of
this section shall forfeit a penalty of not less than $2 or more than $5 for
each and every offense.
This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its
passage and publication.
Ordained and enacted by the Common Council of the city of Beloit
this 6th day of June A. D. 1892.
is New. Fresh and First-class, and comprises
0o 5iM or HE~iREthe choicest brands of every kind.

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