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Beloit city directory for 1902

Compendium of general information,   pp. 7-[41] PDF (6.9 MB)

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Murray & Johnson, The Grocers.
Beloit City Officers
Mayor-Simon Smith.
President of Council-L. E. Cunningham.
City Clerk-D. H. Foster.
Treasurer-J. A. Love.
City Attorney-J. C. Rood.
City Marshal-George M. Appleby.
City Engineer-Robert R. Caldwell.
City Sexton-J. D. Quackenbush.
Chief Engineer Fire Department-E. E. Goss.
City Weighmaster-F. H. Burroughs.
Health Officer-Isaac Buckeridge.
Police Justice-J. R. Booth.
Superintendent of the Poor-George M. Appleby.
Justices of the Peace-S. W. Menzie, Chas. Kendall.
Isk Ward-J. C. Clarke, C. F. Mueller, D. A. Rogers.
2nd Ward-I. Buckeridge, J. T. Needham, E. S. Watson.
3rd Ward-T. Gesley, L. E. Cunningham, John MeGavock.
4th Ward-D. H. Pollock, F. N. Gardner, J. J. Riordan.
5th Ward-D. E. Hewitt, J. H. Ledell, C. Mattison.
Standing Committees
Finance and Taxes-Cunningham, Hewitt, Watson, Riordan,
Judiciary-Pollock, Hewitt, Buckeridge, Gesley, Rogers.
Police-Gesley, Ledell, Clarke, Watson, Riordan.
Fire-Ledell, Pollock, Buckeridge, Mueller, MeGavock.
Waterworks-Needham, Cunningham, Gardner, Clarke, Mattison.
License-Clarke, Cunningham, Gardner, Needham, Mattison.
Bridges-Gardner, Mueller, Cunningham, Needham, Ledell.
Health and Sewerage-Buckeridge, Pollock, Gesley, Mattison,
Public Grounds, Property and Printing-Hewitt, Buckeridge,
Pollock, Rogers, MeGavock.
Street Lights-Mueller, McGavock, Watson, Riordan, Hewitt.
Police and Fire Commissioners
A. N. Bort, R. H. Shary, A. C. Helm, Chas. Oliver.
Board of Public Works
E. S. Greene, Pres.; J. C. Clarke, Joshua Foster; D. H. Foster,
Golden Eagle Clothing House.

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