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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

Other interests,   pp. 79-81 PDF (622.3 KB)

Page 81

day. A few years ago I was induced to go into a lumber plant
at Lyman, Miss. That plant is known as the Ingram-Day Lum-
ber Company. It has not yet been a paying proposition, but
has required a large investment of money by me. If I should
get my money back without interest I will be satisfied. An-
other plant, much larger than either of the other lumber plants
I have mentioned, located at Fullerton, La., has required its
stockholders to put into it a large amount of money, and no
doubt it will in the not distant future prove to have been a
good investment by paying large dividends. I am or have been
the president of some of the companies and vice president of
others. These plants have required a good deal of time and
thought, and still require a good deal of attention, to protect
the properties and make them profitable. Some of the lumber
concerns I am interested in which have required a good deal
of attention in the past are now liquidating and will soon be
wound up. I am trying to wind up as many of them as I can,
but it seems difficult for one to lessen his business while he
has the strength and ability to take care of it. Many of these
enterprises seemed to be forced upon me, as in the case of the
presidency of the Union National Bank, more recently. I had
persistently refused the presidency, but in my absence from
home some stock was assigned to me and I was made a director
and president without my knowledge or consent. The 0. H.
Ingram Company had stock in the bank, but I was not an indi-
vidual stockholder. I shall shift that responsibility and others
that are causing me more work than I ought to do at my time
of life as soon as I find good opportunity to do so; 'but I shall
want to do something as long as I have strength, for I would
not 'be happy without participation in business.

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