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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

Dells dam power,   pp. 75-76 PDF (420.5 KB)

Chippewa Valley Railway, Light and Power Company,   pp. 76-79 PDF (867.9 KB)

Page 76

sissippi River Logging Company came to the Chippewa and
bought timber lands and commenced operations which would
have bankrupted the town here, and those manufacturing lum-
ber if we hadn't built the Dells dam to stop the logs to be sort-
ed at the works at the Big Eddy, putting the logs belonging to
Eau Claire into side booms and permitting those belonging to
the Mississippi River Logging Company to ibe run down the
river. Soon after the Mississippi River Logging Company be-
gun operations on the river Mr. Kennedy, my partner, sold his
interest in the Ingram-Kennedy Company to the Dulanys and
McVeighs of Hannibal, Mo.
   Another significant event in the development of Eau Claire
was the inauguration of our street railway system by A. E.
Appleyard which was recently extended by the organization
of the Chippewa Valley Railway, Light & Power Company.
Mr. Appleyard also built the line to Chippewa Falls, issuing
bonds and borrowing money from his wife's family. He later
built in Ohio other interurban lines and got into trouble, hav-
ing spent the money he and his wife's mother and sister had.
He got into trouble with a bank in Buffalo by what was sup-
posed to be some crooked work, which put him in a fix, obliging
him to raise money to settle sone jof his pressing claims. A
syndicate was formed here to JM41im $25,000 and take his
stock in this railway company as collateral, thinking, as he,
(Appleyard) supposed, they were hoping they would get the
road. Meantime he here talked with me about it. I told him I
knew nothing about the street railway business and didnotwant
to do anythingaati~iess ntirrall into my hands. He
said this was the best property he ever owned and he was con-
fident if I would let him have $25,000 he could clean up what
was giving him trouble, retain the property, and save to his
wife and her mother and sister the money they had put into it.

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