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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

Dells dam troubles,   pp. 66-67 PDF (422.1 KB)

Page 66

                DELLS DAM TROUBLES
   There were many things in connection with the dam and the
building of the lock that caused me much anxiety and trouble.
Some of the timbers in the lumber-slide were not properly
fastened, and came out, and some of the timbers in the log-
slide on the west side of the river came out for want of having
been properly bolted down, and the piers on the lock, if the
specifications had been carried out, would have required the
ties across the piers to be of the same size of the side-walls of
the piers, twelve inches square; but, instead, they had used
6x12s, and those ties or cross-timbers were put zig-zag from
one side of the lock-wall to the other, and when the weight
of the stone and sand that the piers were filled with came on
to them, they sprung down, and in some cases broke and pulled
the wall of the lock out of plumb.
   Mr. Douglas came when we filled the dam and closed the
gates of the lock and filled the lock, and the walls of the lock
seemed to be giving way, which caused him to call me to in-
vestigate, and see what was wrong. After uncovering the top
of the lock-wall, which was not filled up to within five or six
feet of the top in some places, we found that the ties of beams
across the lock were broken down with the weight of stone and
sand piled on them for filling. That did no special harm, ex-
cept that it looked bad. We had cement mixed thin with water
and poured down making the filling a solid mass, so the walls
where the gates of the lock were hung were not thrown out of
plumb; but Mr. Douglas was much annoyed to think the
specifications had not been carried out by Mr. Johnson, who
was, he said, responsible for allowing them to put in 6x12s for
ties, instead of 12x12 timbers. Otherwise, everything about
the dam and the lock, and in fact the whole thing, seemed to
be very satisfactory. These 12x12 timbers, 32 feet long, were
covered by 8x12 oak timbers 16 feet long, that rested up

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