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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

In "the pool" for self-protection,   pp. 53-55 PDF (632.1 KB)

Page 55

people who have been doing business in Eau Claire may be
thankful to the few men who spent their time and money in
bringing about what was done in order to keep our homes
here. The city of Eau Claire was bonded for $100,000 to aid
in getting the dam and power for waterworks. Many of our
citizens who are not familiar with the situation here as it was
before we got a charter for this dam have been laboring under
the impression that they were paying taxes on those bonds
more for the benefit of the lumbermen than for the general
benefit of the city and those doing business here. The lumber-
men here who had the benefit of the dam have always paid
the boomage fixed by law just the same as if they had no in-
terest in the investment the city had made; and the further
fact that they organized the Dells Improvement Company, with
a capital of $100,000, and paid in full towards the construction
of the dam, shows that everybody living in Eau Claire, and
doing business here, has received the same benefit as the lum-
bermen from the dam.
   We had a hard fight before different legislatures to get the
franchise. The Chippewa people opposed it, and the Mississippi
Logging Company opposed it. I made a number of trips to
Washington to head off movements of the Mississippi Logging
Company and the Chippewa Falls people who were doing all
they could to oppose the building of a dam across the Chippe-
wa below Chippewa Falls, which they called the head of nan-
gation. A few steamboats' previous to our getting the dam,
had in high water run up as far as Chippewa Falls, and I think
only once since I came to this country was a steamboat able to
run up there, and that was when the water was very high for
a very short time.

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