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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

On a big salary,   pp. 19-21 PDF (643.9 KB)

With the Gilmore Company,   pp. 21-23 PDF (630.7 KB)

Page 21

was five miles down-river, the lumber being carried thence in a
water-slide 30 inches wide and 15 inches deep, the water
running into it from the dam and filling it a little more than
half full. It took a large force of men to handle the lumber
at the piling ground and keep the water-slide from jamming
and throwing the lumber out, which made it necessary to stop
the mill temporarily until the slide was eleared. In some places
there were ravines of twenty to thirty feet, which made it a
very serious matter to pick up the lumber, the slide having
some very short curves, frequently causing jams. I said to Mr.
Gilmore that I could remedy that trouble by straightening
some of the curves and making the slide a battering-slide, or
in other words, four inches wider at the top than at the bot-
tom, in which case, if the plank lapped by each other a little,
and formed a stoppage, the water would rise in the slide and
liberate the lumber so it would move on.
   I looked the situation over and decided to accept the offer
of Mr. Gilmore of £1,000 Halifax currency ($4,000) a year. He
told me, in talking about the mills they had, that I would be ex-
pected, in a general way, to supervise the management of all
of the mills. One mill was at Trenton, on the River Trent,
nearly 200 miles from the Gatineau mills; another was on the
Blauneh river, about twenty-five miles down river from Ottawa,
or Bytown; another was a few miles further down, at Bucking-
ham; another on the North Nation river, and another on the
South Nation river, but the latter mills were not large. They
also had a mill at Wolfoove, Quebec, and another at Indian
Cove, Quebec. These latter mills were used for making need-
ed repairs on their vessels for shipping their sawed lumber and
hewed timber to London, Liverpool and Glasgow. He said I
would be expected to go to each mill occasionally, as it might
seem to them advisable. They had a large wholesale store for
distributing point in the city of Ottawa, and a store at each of

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