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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

Manager--law in Canada,   pp. 10-16 PDF (1.4 MB)

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and not return, otherwise they would be taken to the jail at
Kingston and prosecuted. The men hooted and yelled while
he was reading the order, and told him he could "go to h-l."
When he had read the warrant he turned to the man at the
oars, saying, "Shove the boat right up to the raft!" As he
did so, he drew from his belt two revolvers, one in each hand,
one of which 'he pointed directly at the man who had talked
to him and the other at the man next to him; and by the time
the boat had reached the raft every man on it had grabbed his
luggage and was running for the timber along the shore where
the logs were tied up.
   Tlhe officer remained perhaps an hour, then came back, and
said to me that the men had left the rafts and he guessed we
would not have any further trouble; that he would return to
Kingston, and if there was further trouble, to advise him as
quickly as possible. I replied that I believed, notwithstand-
ing he had frightened them off the rafts, they would all come
back and attempt to run the logs into the 'basin and force the
lockmaster to put them through. "Oh," he answered, "peo-
ple here in Canada are different from what they are in your
country." (He had taken it for granted that I was a Yankee).
"They have more regard for the law than they do in your
country." "Well," I replied, "men are a good deal the
so far as my little experience goes, in both countries, and I
look for more trouble." "Well," he said, "young man,
be alarmed. We have the law on our side and we will see to it
that the logs are kept for the mill and for the owners of the
mill." By noon, soon after he left, the men were back on the
rafts, had started a fire, and were getting their dinner. Some-
time the next forenoon "Bold McGinnis, from the county
Tyrone," came to the mill and told me they resolved to run the
logs through the locks and sell them if their pay was not forth-
coming, and that the chief of police, if he came back, would
find the men all there and ready to fight for their lives. Things

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