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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

My boyhood,   pp. [5]-8 PDF (827.7 KB)

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would like to go to the large locomotive works, at Springfield;
that perhaps I could get in there. We went there, saw the
superintendent, who told me they paid young fellows fifty dol-
lars for the first year, with board and clothing; one hundred
dollars the second year; two hundred dollars the third year,
and three hundred dollars the fourth year-provided they were
steady and willing to take hold of the work; and said I could
have a position when the next vacancy occurred.
   I returned home with my uncle, feeling somewhat discour-
aged. He was determined to keep me there, and found that the
landlord and proprietor of the Loomis Hotel wanted someone
to act as clerk and general hand, but could pay only small
wages. The town was then a great cigar manufacturing town,
the cigar makers were a tough lot, as a rule. At that time in
Massachusetts there was a great deal of cider brandy made,
and those fellows would hang around the hotel when off from
work and drink too much and get quarrelsome-so much so
that the proprietor would frequently order them from the
place. The Congregational church stood on a corner opposite
the hotel, and one of the trustees came to me soon after I start-
ed in at the hotel and told me he could give me so much a week
for ringing the bell at six o'clock in the morning, twelve
o'clock noon, and six o'clock in the evening. I do not remem-
ber how much he gave me, but it was a small sum, but the job
helped to keep me employed and out of mischief.
    After about six weeks, work at the hotel proved to be tame
 and unsatisfactory, and, I remembered that Mr. Bronson, whom
 I knew in New York, had said to me that if I didn't like it in
 Massachusetts he would, if I would come back, give me a good
 position at lake Pharaoh, where he had large interests in a saw
 mill and a large body of timber. Mr. Bronson's wife was a sis-
 ter of your mother and usually spent a part of each summer
 at Bolton, which was close to Lake George, while Mr. Bronson
 was putting in most of his time at Lake Pharaoh, looking after

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