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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Attend the winter course. Catalog of the short course, 1930-31

Departments of instruction,   pp. 27-38 ff. PDF (2.2 MB)

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ture and use of commercial fertilizers and of fungicides and
  Special attention is given to the relative conservation of fer-
tility in various types of farming with emphasis upon the
handling of manure. Demonstrations of selected chemical con-
stituents and processes are given with the aim of interpreting
Agricultural Chemistry in the language of farm practice.
                   Agricultural Economics
                   ASSISTANT PARSONS
  The studies given are designed to give the student an appre-
ciation of the entire business aspects of farming by showing
the general economic questions facing agriculture, the value
of keeping accurate accounts and managing farms for econ-
omical production, the importance of effective merchandising
methods applied to marketing agricultural products,. and the
consummation of all this e-ffort in possible better rural stand-
ards of home and community life.
  A. Farm Bookkeeping. Elementary principles of economics
and the elements of bookkeeping as applied to the farm. Meth-
ods of taking farm inventories and the keeping of cash ac-
counts, and accounts with livestock, farm crops, ete. Mr. Par-
  B. Farnm Eeonomnies. This course will consist of lectures and
discussions which deal with subjects with which the farmers
are in constant contact; how prices are made, the farmers'
purchasing power, farm labor, farm crtedit, farm tenancy and
leases. Mr. Wehlrwein.
  C. Marketing. This course includes a study of necessary
marketing services, agencies, and methods: and analysis of
merchandising principles applied to agriculture, a discussion of
cooperative marketing and the middleman system, as well as
a consideration of market prices, marketing weaknesses, and
marketing improvements. The relationship between econom-
ical production, quality products, efficient and effective mar-
kcting, and better rural social life is pointed out. Mr. Schaars.
  D. Rural Community Organliation. Social and economic re-
lations of farm home and community are studied together
with numerous methods for their improvement. Various local
social institutions such as school, club, store, church, and li-
brary are given special attention. Particular emphasis is also
given to types of farmers' clubs and community organizations,
with suggestions and plans for making them a success. Mr.
Kolb and Mr. W\ileden.
  E. Farm Management. To show the student how the var-
ious farm operations may be organized and correlated so the
entire farm  may be handled successfully and economically.

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