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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Attend the winter course. Catalog of the short course, 1930-31

Winter courses at the College of Agriculture,   pp. 17-27 PDF (1.6 MB)

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  The Winter Dairy Manufacturers Course.-A 12 weeks'
course beginning the first week in November and continuing
until the latter part of January is open to persons who have
had at least six month's experience in a creamery or cheese
factory. The course leads to buttermaking, cheese making
or city-milk supply. A special circular may be secured by
addressing H. C. Jackson, Dairy Department.
  The Summer Dairy Manufacturers Course.-Is intended
for beginners or those having little practical knowledge of
creamery or dairy work. Students are admitted at any time
during the spring and summer after March 1. For particu-
lars address H. C. Jackson, Dairy Department.
  Swiss Cheese Makers Short Course.-A two weeks' course
of practical and theoretical instruction for experienced Swiss
cheese makers is given during the second and third weeks in
February each year, in co-operation with the Southern Wis-
consin Cheesemakers' Association, and the Kaeser-Verband.
Special circulars are issued describing the course. Applica-
tion for admittance should be sent to the Secretary of the
Association at Monroe, Wis., or to H. C. Jackson, Dairy De-
partment at Madison, before January 15 so that provision
can be made for all who apply.
  Tractor Course.-Five or ten weeks during the Winter
Courses. For information write, E. R. Jones, Agricultural
Engineering Department.
Short Unit Courses
  The following special courses are for 15 weeks to meet
special objectives. Students wishing to take these courses
must meet one of the following requirements.
  (1) A graduate of a high school or its equivalent.
  (2) Have completed the first year of the General Farm-
       ing schedule on page 18 or its equivalent.
  (3) Have had exceptional experience   and be reconm-
       mended by the department as a desirable person to
       be given the opportunity to enroll in the short unit
       courses without requirements listed in 1 and 2
       above. Such enrollments shall be arranged by cor-
       respondence with the Director before the day of en-
       rollment for the Short Course.

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