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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Attend the winter course. Catalog of the short course, 1930-31

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more students taking a room or suite of rooms materially
lessen the expenses. Board depends on the demands of the
individual., The executive office will have lists of rooms on
registration day and assist students in finding desirable lo-
cations. Students when located in a rooming house shall
not move to another home, without the consent of the Direc-
tor of the Short Course. Any dissatisfaction with rooms
should be discussed with the director. The total expenses
will vary from $150 to $225 per fifteen weeks.
   College Fees. Students enrolling the first term pay for
 the entire year. Students enrolling at the beginning of the
 second or third term pay approximately two-thirds or one-
 third respectively, of the total yearly fee. The following
 shows the amounts paid:
 Total fees for                      For ResidentsNot Residents
 15 weeks for                         of Wisconsin of Wisconsin
those  entering  Tuition  --------------------…51.67
the first     Incidental and Memorial Union $11.00   11.00
Term           Infirmary  ------------------- 2.50       2.50
              Laboratory Fee -______------- 7.50      7.50
              Laboratory deposit ----------- 2.00     2.00
              Gymnasium fee ------------- 1.50        1.50
                                            $24.50    $76.17
Total fees for Tuition -_---------------                34.45
10 weeks for Incidental and Memorial Union  7 .6      7.67
those entering Infirmary  ------------------- 2.00i   2.00
the Second    Laboratory fee ----___--- 5.00             5. 00
Term          Laboratory deposit ----------_2.00         ".00
               Gymnasium   fee -------------- 1.00     1.00
                                            $17.67    $52.12
Total fees for Tuition ____________________          17.22
5 weeks for   Incidental and Memorial Union  4.34     4.34
those entering Infirmary -------------------- 1.00    1.00
the First     Laboratory fee -------------- 2.50      2.50
Term* or the Laboratory deposit ---------- 2.00       2.00
Third Term    Gymnasium fee _____-_____-       .50        .50
                                            $10.34    $27.56
   Courses in blacksmithing or carpentry given in the College
 of Engineering carry additional fees of $2 per term. Winter
 course students may take these courses the second year if they
 w ish

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