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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Attend the winter course. Catalog of the short course, 1930-31

Opportunities for graduates,   pp. 6-7 PDF (303.0 KB)

Page 7

agement of the helrds. This is a responsible position that pays
from $70 to $85 and sometimes $100 or more a month with
board. This type of position serves as a stepping stone for
something, better; it frequently leads to a managerial job.
  Some farmers with a large amount of business require the
services of a foreman who looks after certain parts of the
work of the farm under the direction of a manager.
  Farmn Managers. The demand for men to manage farms in
on the increase. The compensation offered for such positions
varies according to the experience and training of the man.
Exceptional opportunities for men with experience and Short
Course training are frequent.
  Share renters. Young men with some capital in addition to
their training and experience may find opportunities for rent-
ing farms on a share basis. This may serve as a stepping
stone to farm ownership.
  Return to the home farm. Most of the students who take
the Winter Courses find it to their advantage to return to the
home farm. Many of them enter into partnership with their
  Cow testing work. This type of work offers good opportuni-
ties for students in this and other states. The work pays from
$60 to $100 a month and includes living expenses.
  Special Work. Men are wanted for special work in dairy
manufacturing and take the Dairy Course. Others strengthen
their preparation in machinery, farm business, poultry an1
other lines and often secure positions requiring this special

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