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Annual report, 1939: St. Croix Co. Agricultural Agent

A quarter century of extension work in St. Croix County Wisconsin,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (1.7 MB)

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in for their share of consideration.
      Twenty-five years of extension work in St. Croix county has
 seen a change from a wheat producing county to a dairy county
 combined with diversification.
      The work that the six County Abuts have done in promoting a
better agriculture, better farm end home conditions, and better
programs for farm boys and girls and for farm women, has been in-
teresting and worthwhile.  ErchU Agent in his turn has contributed
to the welfare of agriculture in St. Croix county. Each has tried
to lessen the burdens farmers have had to bear and have tried to
work out solutions to problems for individuals and for groups.
How well saoh has succeeded can be measured only by the use made
of his contributions.
     The past twenty-five years of extension is now history. The
next twenty-five years of extension and of agriculture in St. Croix
county will be dependent upon the use made of knowledge already
known and disseminated. Agriculture is facing a challenge today --
a challenge to readjust itself to fall in line with a changing ec-
onomic condition in the nation. Labor is demanding and is getting
shorter hours and more pay per hour. Industry is asking and is
getting production control and definite profit per unit.    If erric-
ulture is to fall in line with the policies of labor and of indus-
try, then the next twenty-five years will see definite changes yet
to be made. Whether or not 3200 farmers in St. Croix county can
be regimented as labor can or can be organized as industry can, is
a question yet to be answered. Definite progress in this direction
has been made. Six million farmers in the nation, representing
about 25% of our total population, with a total income of about
10% of our nations income, is going to present to extension work

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