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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture
Vol. I (1923-1932)

Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture: Vol. I. No. 12. July 6, 1923,   pp. [1]-2 PDF (800.6 KB)

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11 states
*      and 9 denominations are in attendance at the second Annual Rural Church
        ference now being held at this College.   This is a 25 per cent increase
        the number enrolled last year when this course was given for the
first time.
             The number attending from the various states is as follows:
Illinois 6,
        Iowa 2, Michigan 1, Mississippi 1, Nebraska 2, New Jersey 1, New
York 4, South
        Dakota 2, Utah 1, Virginia 1, and Wisconsin 44.
             Of the denominations present, the Episcopal and the Methodist
are repre-
        sented by 15 men each, the Congregational group has 13, the Presbyterian
        and all others 10.
             THE TEACHERS OF VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE in the high schools and
        schools of agriculture in Wisconsin, who in former years met at Madison,
        meet this year at Janesville High School, which has been one of the
leaders in
        this work, and at the Milwaukee County School of Agriculture. The
meeting at
        Janesville is scheduled for the week beginning July 16 and that at
the Milwau-
        kee School of Agriculture for the week beginning July 23.
             F. W. DUFFEE of Agricultural Engineering is assuming the task
of finding
        outside work for needy students who are desirous of earning their
way in whole
        or in part while taking courses in the College of Agriculture. Requests
        help along this line and suggestions as to possible openings for
part time em-
        ployment may be sent to Mr. Duffee by staff members. It is desirable
to have
        a number of openings for work at the beginning of the first semester.
             H. W. STEWART of Soils will devote a part of his time during
the late
S       summer to attending county fairs with an agricultural exhibit in
behalf of
        the Short Course, Suggestions as to the best means of handling this
work may
        be sent to Mr. Stewart.
Agents as
        reported by K. L. Hatch is-as follows:
             ASHLAND - Court House - Tuesday, July 10 - 9:00 A. M.
             STEVENS POINT - Hotel Whiting - Thursday, July 12 - 9:00 A.
             AIERY - Hotel Amery - Tuesday, July 17 - 9:00 A. M.
             NEILLSVILLE - Cburt House - Friday, July 20 - 9:00 A. M.
             JANESVILLE   Court House - Friday, July 27 - 9:30 A. M.
             MANITOWOC - Court House - Thursday, August 2 - 9:00 A. M.
             THE SUMMER SCHOOL ENROLLMENT in agricultural courses is about
300, which
        number is nearly the same as last year.
             In Homo Economics there is about a 30 per cent decrease from
the session
        of a year ago. The classes in Institutional Administration are splendidly
        attended, 15 full time people representing seven states being enrolled.
        study of the situation seems to indicate that the decrease in the
number of
        people enrollod in Home Economics is due largely to the fact that
the prc-
        requisites of the academic year are being held to in certain courses
this sum-
        mer, which was not the case in previous summer sessions.
(Items for this House Organ should be sent to H. L. Russell).

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