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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture
Vol. I (1923-1932)

Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture: Vol. I. No. 9. May 29, 1923,   pp. [1]-2 PDF (791.1 KB)

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     The Land CloarinG bill with its five amendments now beforo the Finance
Cormittee was postponed for another wock.
     Bill 724,A inltroduced by A.L. Miller of Kaukauna to give the Agricul-
tural Economics Department $30,000 was recommended by the Finance Committee
for indefinite postponement, which recorimendation was adopted by the .ssem-
bly. As this bill was drawn, it failed to indicate what specific work was
to be done under its provisions. Moreover the appropriation was chargeable
to the University fund income and did not provide for an equivalent transfer
of money fror; the general fund of thc State, which would have been necessary
to have made any increase in resources for the University.
     The amcndmcent to the Holly printing bill, restoring the control of
Univcrsity printing to thc institution, was recently adopted by the Assembly
but the anonded bill has not yet beon acted upon. The amendment also pro-
vidos for a hearing before the Governor himself in the matter of large size
editions and on the publication of material which may affect the public policy
of the State.
     SEVENTIEN C012-ENCEIENT ADDRESSES will be given in Wisconsin schools
mombers of the AGricultural Faculty this ycar. The rmdn doing this work are
G. C. Humphrey, B.H. Hibbard, T.L. Bowick, J.A. Jamos, Theodore Uacklin,
J.H. Kolb, a^nd Vial:clin IlcNoel. These staff members will speak in the
ing high schools:  Shiocton, Hollandale, Sharon, lLayvillo, Athens, iAlma,
bria, Wittenberg, Galesvillo, ;rcadia, .,uburndalo, New ;uburn, Woodsville,
Recdsville, Vlautoma, and Reoseville, and also the Racine County School of
Agriculture. In this way our agricultural staff is in an exccllent position
to present to the graduating classes of the high schools the opportunities
that agriculture affords as a field of activity. The necessity for adequatc
training in preparing for this fiold was nove tore obvious than it is now
when thc farm is being brought into so rmuch closer contact with the distribi-
tion processes.
     PROF. G.W. ROBINSON of the Agricultural Dopartment of the Univorsity-of
Wales and DR. H.J. I.ETZGER of Cornell were visitors last week at the Colloge.
Dr. hctzgcr is expocting to spend some vipoks with the departments of .gr
cultural Chemistry and Veterinary Science in going over mothods of work.
     WHILE IT IS TOO EARLY TO LfY definite plans for the summer demonstration
days at the Branch Station, according to E.L. Luther the following dates
hzave been sot:
                M.arshfield - July 26, 27
                Hancock - - -July 24
                Spooncr - - July 31
                Ashland (probably in the first week of August)
      A cool and late spring has caurod undue delays in field work, and the
 final prograns will be arranged when the experimental work on the various
 stations is somewhat farther advanced.
(Items for this HousQ Organ should be sent to H. L. Russell)

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