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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture
Vol. I (1923-1932)

Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture: Vol. I. No. 8. May 19, 1923,   pp. [1]-2 PDF (749.0 KB)

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     THE SULi OF %'&l,500 has been placed at the disposal of the Collogo
by the
Seviorago Commission of the City of lTilwaukce for the establishment of a
lowship to study tho best methods of using activated sludge as a fertilizor.
This material is pruparod in large quantities as a by-product in the disposal
of !Jilwaukcx sorwcrago. 1Ir. 0. J. Noor has boon appointed to thQ fellowship
which will be under the jurisdiction of tho Soils Departraent.
     A.T PESI2N  134 HIGH SCHOOLS and county schools of agriculturu arc giving
agricultural instruction in Uisconsin. Of these 34 are "Smith-Hughes"
of which 20 aru being taught by graduates of the Wisconsin College of ,.gri-
culturW and 4 by graduates of other agricultural collogus.   Thc remaining
arc taught by Wisconsin normal school men (9 of themm graduates of River
ITorrial and 1 from Plattuville), 4 of which have been at liadison for sunmer
school work.
     There arc 6 county agricultural schools;   54 high schools tuaching
or more classcs in agriculture,   and 39 high schools tcaching onol class
     DEGREES I:ILL Bz GhC.'TED TO A'OUT 239 students by the Colluge of ..gricul-
turt on cormencQEmu.nt day, June 18.  Of thcsu 105 aru in the Long Courso
.gricultur.., 23 in th, Liddle Courso, and 54 in Home Economics.  Fifty-seven
graduate students majoring in Agriculturu will receive higher degrees.
     THE CUSTOH. OF HOOIOR.0RY RECOGNITION of fa.rmers by Univorsities continues
to spread.  The Univcirsity of Nebraska recuntly inauguratud this custom
ua; first founded at Wisconsin over ton yaars ago.
     OVER 3,000 DRESS FORIS and a large number of garments verer mado by
bers of Home LIaker's Clubs in five counties as roportcd at the "Get
Lectings" which wore rocontly held at River Falls, Onalaska, Sparta,
ville, and l.est Bend under the auspices of the dupartment of Homo Economics
Extension Workers. The aggregate saving to these rural women is ostirmttd
at ;29,000, though the saving in money is only one of the boncfits derived
from this kind of tean work. Misses Gladys Mllocho and Sadi. IxNulty wzero
directly in charge of these activities, and hiss Cora I. Leiby, formerly
the University of Idaho, Mrs. Nellie IKodzic Jones, and the local county
also addressed the meetings.
     THE ,GRICULTUR.L LITER' RY SOCIETY has defeated two of tho threc literary
societius from the Hill in debate during the past two years. In recont years
this student activity has had relatively little faculty encouragmgcent. 
 It is
recognized that there is a distinct need for the training vhlich this work
vidcs for all of our studtnts.   In ordcr to Encourage. the efforts of the
Short Course and Long Course literary societies as wvll as othbr organizations
on tht. Agricultural campus, room 314 in Agricultural Hall is to be spec
equipped for their usC.
( for this Housc Organ shoulc' be sent to H. L. Russoll)

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