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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture
Vol. I (1923-1932)

Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture: Vol. I. No. 8. May 19, 1923,   pp. [1]-2 PDF (749.0 KB)

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        "o-;5"I     Ain'',"'"PON,        El OISE:LVSEnS?"f'
              * t ~COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE t
                  <>-?oUUNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN/g
       Vol. 'I, Po. 8.                                                  Lay
19, 1923.
            THIS L.ST IBE" Ii; THE 12GcISLATURE has vritncsscd thc furthLur
       tion of the sevoral bills af icting tho intcrosts of the Agricultura.l
       .. violont attac! N.'as riac' on tlu Puninsulcr Branch Station. ,1ssoiablymcn
       frons Kivrmunu, -hr'ough -thL Coizaittce on Iunicipalities, introduced
a bill to
       ropual the. z--intewi-.nac  a ppropriation for this neuly cstablishcdc!
Station. Tho
       rucommwndation of tilc ..sscL'rly Cor.-zittee on ;.griculturw to postpone
this bill
       indcfinitoly was concurricd in by th,1 AssuLlbly on ii..y 17.
            BILL 336, STG APP2-OPRI..T. ;'5,000 AT THE Hh1.COG;. BAhNvCH
ST.'3TIOiJ passcd
O     luothc Sen,.'_ by a. votc of 21 to 10.
            BILL 503,A. (holly) to compel the Station to rondcr the Statc
       of I.:arlcts dctailcd figurcs on thu cost of production of all f-rra
       raisvd on all of our cwporicnntol stations (ho;;c a.nd branch) was
killed in
       thu SLnatu on .ay. 15 after passing thc IAsseLmbly.
             T}-T L..; SLL.ARI1G DILL, wit'h jnothcr ar.mcndment by Scnator
Titus, has
        boon rcfcrrec to tlh, Joint 0oa-.ittuc on Financo,  In thu discussion
in the
        Sonatu this       oiu sun .tor ru.-.arl;td that, if th, scnators
had spent aS
        zuch tiML in clcai-ing lanc. -s thuy h1ad in discussing this subjecti,
 a con-
        sider.blc part of uppuer  isconsin vould hava beon cluarcd by now.
             THiL C&OP~f.TIVE C0,;.; 'XITK T'I DAIlY DIVISICOi of thc
U. S. Dpartraynt of
        -griculturu on thu in'troduction of bacturial cultures in -ihz malnufacturu
        Swiss choeso vas resui..ed on i.y 15. I.:r. C. L. GcrW, forLierly
a.ssociatuc. with
        us in this *.or: but r,4cntly il ca'arge ol Swiss chsu Yz!Lking on
thc Pabst
        Stocl: Fa-ris, returns to contin~uw  t3his york.  hi- is -to be loc:tced
_t brochuad.
               GIFT - ,600 h-.s just bc.;n receivcd by thi ;.gronory dcpartielnt
        -ho FlCaxl L~.vulopm-_nt Committee, c.prLsenting the, varnish
        intorusts, .nce. Il;xsoc crushirnb .iiills.  This is to p    adc;xit
&.-'itionfla invos-
        tig^.tions to bo und(ertc..n in rg..rd to flaz culture in this stato.
              .1.L: TJ G II'-U' S P.Y when the f.riacir guts a bottuir price
for his pro-
        Cuet. U  1)r.;-iu of 30 cvrts -o one Lollr por cvr. has bc. n paid.
Door County
        f:.rzers by J. shk ueoir, :.:n..ngr oi thJ I~waunev Grain Couzpany
for pQ6.i~rj,
        Scotc-i poas.  One thous-;nc bushils oi thusQ pudigr(c Sco-ch pu-as,
a v:ricty
        whichIi hs boon ix.provoC. at tlw ;.shlanC hr..nch St.ation, have
already bei.;n sold
        for plalnting by farmers this spring.

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