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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture
Vol. I (1923-1932)

Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture: Vol. I. No. 4. April 7, 1923,   pp. [1]-2 PDF (821.5 KB)

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      S~~~~S M
      ( b e       ~COLLEGE OF AGRICULTUREi                 t    b
  Vol. I, NTo. 4.              radison, v!ic.             April 7, 1923.
 of money to be known as "Qora I. Jayne Agricultural Student Fund"
 to become available as a loan fund for students from Wisconsin in
 the College of Agriculture upon the final settlement of the estate,
 amounting to approximately $70,00o. If the income from this money,
 after certain payments are made to certain heirs, is not required for
 a loan fund, it can be made available for scholarships at the dis-
 cretion of the Board of Regents.
      ROBERT E. OGILVIE OF CHICAGO has been instrumental in develop-
 ing the idea of a portrait gallery of the early workers in the 1'7is-
 consin College of Agriculture. In addition to the portrait of former
 Dean Henry presented to the institution by him, Ur. Ogilvie has this
 past year presented portraits of Col. \dd1. F. Vilas, who was one of the
 originators of the Short Course in Agriculture, also that of VHa. H.
 Morrison, our first superintendent of Farmers' Institutes.    A dupli-
 cate of the portrait of Dean Russell recently presented by his friends
 to the Saddle and Sirloin Club in Chicago has just been hung in this
 new Agricultural collection. These portraits are from the brush of
 the Swedish painter, Orvid Kyholm, whose work in the Chica-o gallery
 has commanded much attention.
     With these beginnings it is hoped that substantial progress can
soon be made in securing portraits of other early members of the
Agricultural staff.
     M2KIIIG THE VtATHEPL TO ORDER for experimental purposes is
possible with the equipment that has been recently installed in con-
nection with the bank of Agricultural greenhouses. Four rooms repre-
senting in general the various climatic conditions whiclh obtain in
Wisconsin during the growing season both as to temperature of soil
and air and humidity were installed last season. These have now been
in oreration long enough to indicate whether the temperature and
moisture variations can be sufficiently controlled to serve the purposes
     Detailed studies in the relation of environment to plant diseases
and plant growth can now be carried out without waiting for the
occurrcnce of the seasons in nature.    many observations Erhich would
ordinarily require years of time and much travel and expense can be
now made in 'the greenhouse in a few months and under much more care-
fully controlled conditions than would be possible in nature.

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