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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture
Vol. I (1923-1932)

Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture: Vol. I. No. 1. March 5 1923 PDF (711.1 KB)

         A successful two weeks extension school was recently held at this
   University Dairy School, which was attended by 35 cheese makers, 2 of
   whom were from Illinois and New York. A petition was presented by
   those in attendance asking that a similar course be -iven n-xt year.
         THE PURCHIASING POWER of the Wisconsin farm dollar is considerably
    greater than that of the farm dollar of the United istates     According
    to P. E. McNall (Agriculture Economics) the Walworth County yarm
    Dollar's index was 87 in 1922 and 84 in 1921. The U. S. Bureau of
    Igricultural Economics gives the index of purchasing power of the farm
    dollar for the United States as 69 in 1922 which is two points higher
    than the figure reported for 1921.    In the Walworthl County studies
    dairy products represented 71, of gross farm sales, and live stock plus
    live stock products nearly 93y of total sales.    Professor McIall thinks
    this percentage is probably 10-20% larger than the general sta9te average.
         As an offset to this condition in which the dairy far1.:er fincdhim-
    self it would be of value if we had the data at hand on which to com-
    pute the purchasing power of the potato farmer's dollar this last year.
         SIXTY BOYS, WINNERS OF 20 DISTRICTS which represent 80 Wisconsin
    High Schools, competed in the 8th annual Wisconsin live stock judg-
    ing contest at Madison on February 23 and 24.    Wisconsin is the only
    state using the district elimination contest as preliminary for the
    state contest and at least 2000 boys received inspiration in this work
    at the various high schools this year.
         The three winning teams, Janesville, Marshfield, and Mondovi, were
    coached by our graduates.
         SHORT COURSE FOR VETERINARIANS. By substituting laboratory.
    methods for the old fashioned type of annual convention a. highly suc-
    cessful two-day session for veterinarians of thi state was made pos-
    sible at the recent meeting of about 150 members of the Wisconsin Vet-
    erinary Medical Association which was held at the College.    So numerous
    are the requests for more of this work that a similar course is al-
    ready being planned for next year.
          SPLENDID COOPERATION on the part of staff members produced the
     attractive series uf departmental c-:hib-lt-, at t ne first "p0:-n
     of Che College---held simultancoUoly with tihe Little tr+e 'national
     this year.
          THOUGH THE 1923 FARMERS' WEEK was one of tii; most Saccess jul
    the history of the Collc-e, over 1000 farli)ers and (Y O vioomcn repre-
    senting 68 of our 71 cnunties being registered, -'.ndL the dairy mor-
*   chandising plan then formulated has met with wide acceintan.--staff
    members are earnestly requested to submit any suggestions tiliey may
    have for making this course more useful to the state.
Items or suggestions for this House Organ should be sent to H. L. Russell
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