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Henry, W. A. (William Arnon), 1850-1932 / Amber cane in Wisconsin : a circular from the Agricultural Department of the state university

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consequently much valuable information is lacking relative
to this new industry. It is certain however, that Wiscon-
sin has grown a much larger quantity of cane than is gen-
erally supposed. Minnesota, where the Amber Cane ex-
citement originated, has generally been considered as far in
advance of the neighboring states, yet I believe our state
nearly equaled it in the amount of syrup produced in
  The area planted to cane in that state in i88o, was 7,317
acres, which if the average yiell per acre was the same as
in i879, would amount to 546,383 gallons~of syrup. The
banner county was Le Sueur, where 580 acres were grown.
Mr. George Pabodie, of Fairfield, Sauk county, Wisconsin,
carefully ascertained the amount of syrup produced in his
county by addressing letters to the various syrup manufac-
turers, and found by adding the sums reported that Sauk
county produced Si,5oo gallcns of Amber Cane syrup in
i88o. Allowing ioo gallons as the yield per acre, which is
higher than the average in Minnesota, there were 515 acres
of Amber Cane grown in that one county. There are sev-
eral counties in the state which have produced nearly if
not quite as much syrup as Sauk; among such may be
named Fond du Lac, Jeflersor., La Crosse, etc. Charles
Eustis, of Jefferson county, grew forty acres of cane on his
farm, manufacturing it with his own machinery. A. J.
Russel & Co., of Janesville, grew and manufactured seventy
acres, and other large planters could be named if necessary.
   The wide spread interest is shown in the fact that there
 are now three cane-growers' conventions organized in the
 state. These are the Southern Wisconsin Cane-Growers'
 Association, which held its third annual meeting at Palmyra,
 February i8th and i9th; the Fox River Valley Association,
 which met at Appleton, March 2d, and the Wisconsin State
 Cane-Growers' Association, which met at Fond du Lac
 January 5th and 6th.
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