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Henry, W. A. (William Arnon), 1850-1932 / Amber cane in Wisconsin : a circular from the Agricultural Department of the state university

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pear evident, I think, to those who have the welfare of the
subject at heart.
   In compliance with the act granting the money, a chem-
 ist will be appointed early in the season, who will devote
 his whole time to the subject during the summer.  It is
 expected that small works will be erected, and the oper-
 ation of syrup and sugar making conducted experimentally.
 The attempt will be made to obtain a methqd for remov-
 ing impurities from the juice which will admit of applica-
 tion by such workmen, as follow the vocation of syrup and
 sugar boiling. This is now the great problem and its solu-
 tion is not easv. A study will also be made to determine
 the best means for reducing the juice to a sugar-syrup,
 without inverting the cane sugar.  Since in the end the
 success in manufacturing sugar will depend upon the per-
 centage of cane sugar in the juice, and the vield per acre,
 these subjects will receive due attention, and samples from
 various districts in the state will be analvzed to ascertain
 the per cent. of sucrose in the cane.
 The improvement of the Amber Cane. if that be possible,
 by selecting seed from stalks rich in sugar, and bv cross-
 fertilization is proper work for our farm, as well as test-
 ing new varieties and attempting to acclimatize varieties
 which now only ripen in latitudes south of Wisconsin.
 The influence of soils on the quality of the syrup is one
 which, though much discussed, is far from settlement. The
 same is true in regard to fertilizers. Experiments to solve
 questions of this character can hardly be carried out on a
 single farm, and the attention of our farmers is earnestly
 directed to what is mentioned farther on in regard to this
 important topic.
  Unfortunately the present law does not require statistics
in regard to Amber Cane as with the other farm crops, and

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