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Henry, W. A. (William Arnon), 1850-1932 / Agricultural possibilities of northern Wisconsin : an address delivered at a Farmers' Institute

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Careful inspection advised,   p. 9 PDF (139.7 KB)

Advantages,   pp. 9 ff. PDF (323.1 KB)

Page 9

duction for direct sale means the ruina-
tion of the agriculture in any country
where such practices are followed. Farm-
ers should let hay go off their farms only
in rare cases. Feed all these products at
home, keep up the fertility on the land
and ship to market only finished pro-
ducts like butter, cheese, eggs, pork,
mutton and beef.
Careful Inspection Advised.
  The land seeker need make no mistake
in purchasing if he will but move cau-
tiously, dealing with reliable firms and
taking his time to look over different
sections.  Let him  never forget that
while northern Wisconsin is a good re-
gion for farming, it nevertheless contains
large tracts of land that should be
severely avoided.  In determining
whether lands are suitable foragriculture
and whether the soil is rich or not, let
the landseeker be guided largely by what
settlers already in the region are doing.
If the soils seem of fair quality by direct
observation, and if the crops the more
thrifty settlers are growing are satisfac-
tory, then one need not hesitate about
buying similar lands.
  Railroads penetrate every portion of

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