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The Aeroplane

Personals,   pp. 23-24

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24                      THE     AEROPLANE 
Mr. Donald Birdsall, vice principal of the East High school, spent last summer
the University of Wisconsin, taking up two courses in History, one course
in English 
Journalism and one course in Spanish. 
Miss Wiley a graduate of the Superior Normal, is now teaching English, Ancient
History and Reviews in the East High school. Miss Wiley also took a course
in Oratory 
at the Northwestern University in Evanston. For a few years she went to the
of Wisconsin. Miss Wiley formerly taught English and Expression in the High
of Chetek. 
It is with much regret that we give the sad information that Henry Brett,
one of the 
pupils of East High School, was accidentally injured Wednesday, November
fourth. Mr. 
Brett was indulging in his first shave, when the accident occurred. His noble
was badly mutilated. We sincerely hope that henceforth Mr. Brett will trust
to the 
ministrations of a barber. 
Carroll Nelson, at present an instructor in East High School, spent five
years in the 
Minnesota University, taking an Academic and Law Course. He led the University
during his last two years there. Mr. Nelson is now training the East High
Glee Club, and football team, and so far has exceeded our highest expectations.
Mr. Birdsall, vice-principal of East High School, will some time in the near
reside in his own little home. The house, which is on Eliza street, near
St. Joseph's 
Academy, is in the process of construction. Mr. Birdsall's modern little
bungalow will be 
ready for occupancy about December eighth. 
Miss Mary Black, an instructress in East High School, spent her summer vacation
in the "Golden West." Miss Black left Green Bay in the latter part
of June, going to 
Vancouver, by way of the Canadian Pacific. She stopped at Banff, a delightful
resort in the Canadian Rockies. From Vancouver, Miss Black went by boat to
and with but a short stop there, continued on her way to Seattle. Most of
July and 
August was spent in Seattle and Tacoma, with a week at Pacific Beach. While
in Tacoma 
Miss Black spent several days visiting Mrs. Newschwander, formerly Miss Cora
a teacher of Latin in East High School. Miss Black climbed Mt. Tacoma. Starting
Longmire Springs and following the trail to Reiss' Camp, a distance of seven
miles, Miss 
Black, with a number of others, walked, instead of taking the usual conveyance.
It was 
a hard climb, but the scenery was wonderful. Miss Black came home by way
of Port. 
land, making a stop of several days in that city. She had intended to take
a trip on the 
Columbia River, but the forest fires raging at that time, the plan was abandoned.
Portland. She went to Salt Lake City, arriving at the time of the yearly
in honor of the "Wizard of the Wasatch." Miss Black stopped at
Omaha to visit her 
sister for a few days. She reached home the Saturday before school opened.
Mr. Birdsall presented Curly Lambeau with a sweater for making the first
and only 
touchdown for East High School in the Appleton game. 
George Theisen and Dorothy Kerr are carefully watching the erection of Mr.
Birdsall's bungalow. George says that sometime in the future he intends to
ohe constructed along the same lines. 
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wagner, '09 and '08, announce the birth of a son. Mrs.
was formerly Maud Lefebvre. 
Formal announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Arleen Thurman,
class of '08, and formerly a teacher of Domestic Economy in East High School,
to Arthur 
Coe, of Woodbine, Iowa. Miss Thurman and Mr. Coe will be married during the

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