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The Aeroplane: commencement

Clubs [and] societies,   pp. 76-[77]

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( Ire (flub 
The Glee Club under the leadership of Professor Heynan was 
organized at the beginning of the school year, and, different from pre- 
vious organizations of the same kind, has held together till the pres- 
ent time. It appeared before the public several times during the 
year and furnished its members much enjoyment. Man; of its mem 
hers will still be in school next fall and prospects are good for its 
reorganization in the future. The officers were as follows: 
First Semester:                 Second Semester: 
Mr. W. T. Ream, President.      Norris Brett, President. 
Carl Wendels, Vice-President.  Carl Wendels, Vice-President. 
Alice Johnson, Sec'y and Treas.  Harold Winter, Sec'y and Treas. 
f itrrary 1*vfrii 
Literary societies were organized at the beginning of the year 
in all the classes. They met every two weeks in the class rooms. A 
teacher had charge of each society and the work which consisted ot 
debating, declaiming, etc., was generally successful. Probably the best 
specimen of Lhe work was shown by the debate held in the assembly 
room between members of the Junior and Senior classes in the latter 
part of the year. The plans along this line for next year are some- 
what incomplete, but some form of debating and literary society 
surely ought to be and will be established. 
At~bktir Asuuirlattan 
The Athletic Association reorganized under a new constitution 
this year, and has had charge of all athletics carried on in the school's
name. Heretofore only boys have been members but there is noth- 
ing in the constitution against the admission of girl members and we 
see no reason why they should not become a part of the association 
text year. 
The officers for this year were: 
CARL WENDELS, President 
THEODORE GAVIN, Secretary and Treasurer. 
LEONARD O'CONNOR, Student Manager. 
Fage S(venl1y Fix 

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