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The Aeroplane: commencement

Athletics,   pp. 64-[75]

Page 67

T    H     E       A    E    R    0    P    L   A    N    E 
Curly Duchateau, '12: Jack 
Dalton of East High. 
Altho Duchateau is very 
small he is a fierce individ- 
ual in a game. He has plen- 
ty of speed, runs low and 
hard, and has the sraight 
arm developed to a science. 
Very alert and watchful on 
defense, he has filled the po- 
sition of utility man to per- 
He has been used at end, 
fullback, and at quarterback 
during the season. 
Curly is the East High 
Jack Dalton and with a little 
more experience should be 
able to land the ball over 
the bar consistently on 25 
to   40-yard kicks. Perhaps 
the  best trainer  on the 
squad, having been known 
to be in bed every night for 
weeks at 12 or 1 o'clock. 
He has never been known 
fo be serious more than one 
minute at a time, and his 
never-fade smile nas invari 
ably been known to paralyze 
Ossie Eckhardt, '13: Favor- 
ite  fiction,  "J o h n 
(Smith's) death." 
Eckhardt was rather light 
for a center, but by the 
great hornspoon, he surely 
can play that position. He 
has never met his superior 
all season, playing most of 
his men to a standstill. He 
has a varied style of playing, 
trying all the tricks of the 
game and using them with 
telling effect. He is strong 
on offense and a giant on de- 
fense, breaking through and 
blocking  plays  very  fre- 
quently. However, the feat- 
ure of his playing was his 
fine passing, prevalent in all 
Ossie does not know what 
quit means, and when he 
raises his slogan, "blame it 
all," he tears through the 
line like a goat going to a 
pink tea party. 
He can eat, too. Trains of 
pie, cake, meat, fruit, nuts, in 
fact, anything that is set be-  been known on occasions to 
fore him. He is also long on   eat up quite a chunk of the 
sauerkraut and wieners, and    distance to the enemy's goal 
when given  the ball, has     line. 
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