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The Aeroplane: commencement

Athletics,   pp. 64-[75]

Page 66

 E     A    E    R    0    P    L    A    N    E 
pteuirul of IIc 3OnUlbalI 
(By Coach Beyer.) 
Izzy Abrams, '13: Who con- 
trols the clothing Indus. 
Abrams has proved him- 
self a very capable lineman 
in all departments of the 
game.   Very  effective  in 
breaking through and smash- 
ing up plays, and blocking his 
man well on offensive work. 
In the  latter games he 
was used with telling effect 
in carrying the ball, and 
~next year should prove a 
valuable man for the team. 
- 'Izzy, besides playing foot- 
ball is an actor (bad one) 
of some ability, and is presi- 
dent of a     Sunday  school 
league. Only one thing he 
would rather do than play 
football, and that is go to 
.              church. 
Abrams has the battering 
ram of Vespasian (whoever 
that was) beaten a dozen 
city blocks, when it comes to 
punching the opposing line. 
Mr. Clark, '13: The wit of 
the squad. 
Clark has played in sever- 
al games at end, and has 
proved  a valuable  man in 
that position by his alert- 
ness, his promptness in car- 
rying out orders  and his 
general all-round  offensive 
and defensive work. Good 
in boxing tackle, covering 
puts, and a sure tackler. 
He should prove a valu- 
able man for the 1912 team. 
Clark is witty, to say the 
least. His success in the 
game is due to the fact that 
on many occasions he has 
talked his man into believ- 
ing that he was at a Sunday 
school meeting rather than 
in  a  football  game. He 
plays the game in a low neck 
dress, having  acquired a 
style of football garment all 
of his own. 
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