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The Aeroplane: commencement

Literary,   pp. 40-[60]

Page 51

1    H     E        A    E    R    0    P    L    A    N    E 
think, Percy Wilkins, the ministers boy, came to skate with his neu 
nikel plated skates. Mik 0 Larity, the teller with tb' mustard 
colored hair, sed he could beat anybody around hear on skates and 
that he didn't kare even if Percy had neu skates. Percy sed, "well,
I tell you boys, I onley just got these skates." "Well," Mike
"I'll let you try'm first sos you kin kinder get use to thim. Just 
skate up and around that sign over there and back." Mike winked 
at us fellers and laft. I tell you Joey I didn't dare to say anything 
cause Mikes a: good pewgilist. 
Percy started off an awl of a suddin he skreamed and splashed 
thru the ice near the sign. Well I went after him as quick as liten- 
ing an pulled him out. My but he cried and I sed, "a person wood 
think you fell in over your hed insted of half way to your hed." I 
looked around and saw that the fellers had run so I took Percy home, 
an I sed, "now Percy dont you tell on the fellers. Tell your ma you
koodent see with your smoked glases, cause you woodent have gone 
where the ice wasent safe and then you wont have to tell a lie." 
Well I brot Percy home and Mrs. Wilkins sed that she woula 
see that I got a meddle from the Sunday school, so I went to Sunday 
school the next day, and sure enuf, Joey, I got the meddle and it will 
come in handy. I kan put it on my jewvenile band suit when I get it. 
There hasent anything exciting happened since Percy fell in the 
pond a cupple of months ago, but just the other day when I kum 
to school all the fellers was standin in a bunch talkin an I sed, "wats
the matter," and they sed, "say Ben, do you no that Miss Crossby
is goin 
to get married." She's our teacher you no, Joey. And I sed, "'aw
I don't believe it," and they sed, "ask Percy if its so,"
an Percy 
sed, "yes its so, cause my father is going to perform the seremony 
and its to be tonite at nine o'cloke at teachers home." "She aint
teacher any more," sed Mike 0' Larity, " I saw the neu one this
in when the princeple brot her. She looks crosser than Miss Crossby."
I sed, "say fellers lets go and shiverree tonite, we kan get our band
and have sum fun, if dont make any differance if some of you havent 
got your instruments, we dont haff to no any swell pieces and you 
kan bring anything that will make noyes." Just then the bell rang and
we went in to our school rume. Mr. Brickman, our principle came in 
with the neu teacher. "Miss Jones," I herd him say, "this
is the rume 
you are to take charge of, I think you will find it very pleasant and 
chearful. The air is always fresh as the heatin sistem gets its fresh 
air suply by powerful fans thru a pipe from outdoors." "Yes it
tainly is chearful," she answered. 
You no Joey, I could hear what he sed because Miss Crossby 
our old teacher maid me sit down in front by her desk, but I tell you 
that I got good marks when I sat there tho, but the fellers sed that 
Miss Crossby was givin fairwell marks and that they were all getting 
Mr. Brickman then sed, "I will speak to your scollers a few min- 
ites before I go, conserning the parents meeting at the skule this 
evening." And what do you think he sed, Joey, Im almost ashamed 
to tell you. He sed, "there is to be a parents meeting tonite at 
the skule and your grade is to sing a song, and the girls who play 
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