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The Aeroplane: commencement

Class prophecy,   pp. 34-36

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T    H     E        A    E    R    0)   P    L    A    N    E 
has become a successful business woman, and from a late report, we 
hear she has established a matrimonial bureau, and guarantees to 
marry one in three days. 
John Vickman, Henry Wendels, George Schwartz, Lloyd Outland 
Fred Spude and Harold Winter are promoters of "The Trans-con- 
tinental and International Aeroplane Line." 
Raymond Jordan, Ted Gavin, Chet Noble and Rupert Kapp have 
organized a "Bachelors' Club," as they had not the courage to utter
the momentous question No change has come to them in this respect 
since high Echool days, for don't you remember we all often wondered 
why boys so handsome and noble were so shy. 
Lew Coffeen is now perfecting plans for a wireless telegrapl 
system, which will enable us to talk to people on the planet, Mars. 
Edmund Burke is now an officer in the navy, and as such has won 
great honor. 
George Bodart and Calvin Gcsshuescoh are on their way to St. 
Petersburg, Russia, where they will participate in the Olympial 
games. For the last fifteen years they have carried off many of the 
honors. How proud we all are that these boys graduated with the 
class of '12 and as members of that class, if memory serves us rightly, 
they were athletes of great promise in the old days. 
Not long ago we met Andrew Lent on the street. One would 
never know Andrew, so changed is he. His face, once flushed with 
hopeful youth is now worn and weary. Poor Andrew! the old gay 
look is gone, for sleep has little communion with him. They say he 
is writing a dictionary while the day permits, and by the light of the 
tallow candle, he sits writing up the old unfinished Physic's Experi- 
ments. Our readers will remember how Andrew worked at E. H. S 
and how our timely warnings were forgotten in the inevitable snooze 
which he took daily. 
Marvin Stephenson is now an architect of note, having taken a 
degree in Brussels very lately. 
Reynolds North and Fred Van Deuren are now surveying the 
North Pole region, and from their letters, are having a hard time in 
completing their work, as there is usually a gathering of natives who 
insist on coming to view the latest styles in gentlemen's clothing. 
Arleen Fiedler and Vivian Dcnovan are private Eecretaries to 
President Martin, elected on a socialist ticket. Our old classmates 
will all remember what loftly ambitions Roland had. 
The reply coming from Agnes Griffin now a resident of Russia, 
informed us of her late appointment by the Czar as "Poet Laureate":
and she announced her engagement at this time to a Russian noble- 
man. Her entire letter was in poetry. 
Hazel Huntington and Clare Smith are the wives of wealthy 
Wyoming ranchers, and are leading the lives they have long wished 
The achievements of all our former classmates have soared be- 
yond our highest expectations, and we are proud to submit this report. 
M. F.M. & C. T. S. 
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