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The Aeroplane: commencement

Faculty,   pp. [12]-13

Page 13

T1,   11    E       A    E    R    0    P    L    A    N     E 
Prin. Wm. T. Ream,                  Bessie Medd, 
American History and Civics.        Ancient History and English. 
Beloit College, Yale University.    Lawrence College. 
"A square deal is what I give; A    "It's hard for me to reprove
,;'Iuare deal I ask in return."     bad boys. They're inocent and mean
no harm, I'm sure." 
Minnie H. Kelleher, History. 
Don Pettit Birdsall, Geometry. 
I'll be good to you if you'll be good 
to me; otherwise beware."                 Oshkosh Normal. 
"Respect for women is what I de- 
mand above all things." 
Certrude Gibbons, Algebra. 
Whitewater Normal.             Mary C. Black, English. 
"Fair in appearance, thought and 
action."                                  Oshkosh Normal. 
"Of her it can be truly said: 'A 
merry heart maketh a cheerful coun- 
Lydia Brauns, Latin and German. 
Chicago University. 
"She may be stearn but kind with-  Louise Zobel, Science. 
Ripon College. 
"She frowns-but soon the frown 
John E. Coonen, Science.            vanishes, and she smiles and blushes."
Wisconsin University. 
"Tall and stately but a boy when  Charles W. Byrnes, Manual Training.
among boys."                              Stout Institute. 
"Short in stature but long of deeds." 
Mary Agnes Fitzsimmons, English. 
Nona Vandenbrook, Shorthand. 
Minnesota University. 
"I'm Irish in more ways than one        Greeg School. 
and I'm proud of it."                 "She looks gentle, it is
true, but can 
be stern when occasion demands it." 
Amanda Helen Schuette,              Carolyn Hazel Handt, Latin. 
Shorthand and Bookkeeping.              Wisconsin University. 
Gregg Schcool.                   "We often wonder how one of her 
"With main strength does she make  care-free demeanor can  instill the
a business man of the most unprac-  conjugation of Latin verbs into the 
tical."                             minds of Freshmen." 

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