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Wisconsin Agricultural Experimental Association / Twentieth annual report of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Association with Tenth annual report of Alfalfa Order. Address of president, secretary's report, and account of the association's activities in promoting progressive agriculture

Report of the business meeting,   pp. 49-50 PDF (460.7 KB)

Page 49

-Thursday, Jan. 26, 1922
Meeting called to order by President C. S. Ristow.
Moved and carried that the chairman appoint a committee on nomi-
nations, resolutions and honorary membership committees. Appointed
were: Nominations-H. E. Kreuger, F. E. Bell, E. J. Delwiche. Reso-
lutions-Henry Michels, L. F. Graber. Honorary membership-R. A.
Moore, P. W. Jones.
Minutes of last business meeting read by Sec. R. A. Moore, and
Financial report read by Sec. R. A. Moore, and adopted.
The committee on honorary membership reported, and recommended
that honorary membership be conferred on the following: H. K. Wiley,
Blackfoot, Idaho; J. N. Kavanaugh, Green Bay; W. E. Spreiter, Ona-
laska; W. P. Brenner, Green Bay; A. C. Murphy, Shawano. Moved and
carried that the report be adopted and the above enrolled as honorary
The committee on nominations reported, and recommended: Presi-
dent, C. S. Ristow, Black River Falls; vice president, Emil Jacobsen,
Green Bay; secretary, R. A. Moore, Madison; treasurer, R. H. Lang,
Jefferson. Moved and carried that the report of the committee be
adopted and the nominees be declared elected.
Moved and carried that a telegram be sent to Jippa Wielinga, Mid-
way, as follows: "Jippa, we miss you at Green Bay."
The committee on resolutions reported, and recommended that the
following resolutions be adopted:
Be it resolved: That the Wisconsin Experiment Association and its
affiliated orders, appreciating the warm hospitality which the city of
Green Bay and Brown county have extended to the grain show and
annual meeting, the great efforts which Mr. Kavanaugh, Mr. Brenner
and their committees have made in providing splendid accommoda-
tion for the show and for the association's meetings and for the enter-
tainment of visitors, and the worthy purpose which actuated them-
that of establishing a spirit of friendly co-operation and understanding
between the country and city community-do hereby tender the sincere
thanks and gratitude of the members of the experiment association and
their affiliated orders.
WHEREA , There is produced annually in Wisconsin a considerable
quantity of flax straw which is now almost entirely a waste product,
and in addition there are produced in this state other similar fibrous
materials which are in urgent need of a market, and since preliminary
investigations indicate that such material can be utilized for manufac-
turing a high grade of paper, and since the national department of agri-
culture already possesses a fully equipped laboratory for the investiga-
tion of raw materials for paper manufacture, and
WHm&s, An appropriation of $15,000 by the national government
has been proposed for the investigation of flax straw for paper and
pulp, this item to be included in the regular appropriation for research

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