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Rappel, Joseph J. / A centennial history of the Manitowoc County school districts and its public school system, 1848-1948

Newton,   pp. 169-180 PDF (5.2 MB)

Page 180

    The present enrollment is 41. The highest enrollment of 98 children was
ed in 1862 when H. E. Watermeyer taught two months at $22 a month. Due to
a re-
formed parochial school in the early years, one mile from the public school,
enrollment dropped. After the parochial school closed there seems to have
been a
prevalence of White Trail graduates who became ministers. The following graduates
chose theology as their profession: Prof. William Grosshuesch, former president
Mission Houge, whose son is now president of that institution; Rev. Henry
Rev. Otto Stockmeier, Rev. Herbert Wernecke, Rev. Gilbert Wernecke, Rev.
Franzmeier, Rev. Ernest Klaudt, and two theology students, Winston Wernecke
Leonard Stockmeyer. One graduate chose medicine, Dr. Herman Barnstein, and
the bar, Attorney Paul Rodewald of Pittsburgh. Eight local feminine graduates
came teachers in this and other counties.
    The longest term as a local board member is claimed by Henry Rodewald,
of Newton and member of the World War II Draft Board, who served 19 years.
    Teachers' contracts specified clearly whether the teacher was to do the
work, and how many days were to be made up in case of illness. Only in very
years has the specification "In case of marriage, contract is void"
been omitted from
women teachers' contracts.
    The following is a list of teachers, all of note, as well as could be
from the records of Newton No. 9: 1859 H. Ch. Schiller; 1861 H. E. Watermeyer;
1862 A. Hecker; 1863-4 J. Blaetgen; 1865 John Stephenson; 1866 J. Finch;
1867-8 Ch.
Schmitz; 1869 Mr. Faust; 1870 G. Seyler; 1871-3 Peter .Brady; 1874 Johanna
(first lady teacher); 1875 H. Reineking (later became a doctor); 1876-7 Johanna
1878 Mr. Jones; 1879 Mr. Lohman; 1881 Mr. Damler; 1882 W. Schmitz; 1883 John
Dunbar; 1884-6 Thomas Morris; 1887 Herman Schmitz; 1888 Oscar Stockmeier;
90 H. Schmitz; 1891 John Dunbar; 1892 L. A. Schmitz; 1893-4 Charles Brady;
John Ruckhoeft;_ 1896 Albert Kielsmeier; 1897-9 Joe Brady; 1899 Mary Conway;
Katy McNulty; 1901 Cornelia Stephenson; 1902 John Finch; 1903-6 Guy Thompson.

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