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Rappel, Joseph J. / A centennial history of the Manitowoc County school districts and its public school system, 1848-1948

Mishicot,   pp. 154-168 PDF (6.5 MB)

Page 154

    Mishicot township was not a part of the original Manitowoc county territory
as organized in 1848. It was not until 1850 that the northern tier of townships
perstown, Gibson, Mishicot, and Two Creeks) was detached from Brown county.
original Mishicott township as organized in 1850 was a part of the Two Rivers
ship and remained so until 1852. It was not until that date that the township
Mishicott consisting of the present Gibson and Mishicot area was organized.
became a township by itself in 1858.
    While the Mishicot area was still a part of Two Rivers, a school district
was or-
ganized in the area of Mishicott village. There is some indication that the
Mishicot Jt. 1 district was then known as Two Rivers No. 2 school district,
but there
are no official records to confirm this fact. When Mishicot was organized
in 1852,
the area now made up of Gibson and Mishicot was divided into school districts
the districts numbered without regard to the boundary line between the present
son and Mishicot townships. Thus the present Mishicot township in 1852 had
district numbers 1-3-4-5. School districts numbers 2 and 6 were in the present
son area.
    By 1857, the Mishicot-Gibson area was becoming quite well settled and
the en-
tire area re-districted into 13 school districts. The present Mishicot township
had school districts number Jt. 1, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, and 13. In 1858, when
Mishicot was
separated from Gibson, the school districts were re-numbered as they are
today. The
changes from one district number to another are recorded in each individual
history as given in the following articles.
                        MISHICOT JT. 1- MISHICOT
                                 Reuben Harpi
    Mishicot Jt. 1 school ais-
trict began its school system in
the later 1840's. It is claimed
that the Mishicot school was
among the first four schools set
up in Manitowoc county. Since
it was always located in or near
the village of Mishicot, it was
officially designated by  that
name in 1918.
    The Mishicot school district
was set up when Mishicot was
a part of Two Rivers township.
In 1852, when Mishicot was or-
ganized and included the pres-
ent Gibson township, the dis-
trict consisted of -almost all of
the northern part of the pres-
ent township of Mishicot plus several sections in the present township of
(See Mishicot Assessment Rolls of 1856). By 1858 the combined townships of
cot and Gibson had 13 school districts. Then Mishicot Jt. 1 consisted of
the west ½h
of section 30; all of section 31, T. 21 N., R. 24E, and W %of section 4,
and all of
section 5, T. 20N., R. 24 E; and sections 25, 35, and 36 in Gibson. After
Mishicot and
Gibson separated and became separate townships, Mishicott Jt. 1 kept its
school dis-
trict number. Since its organization and up to the present, the district
has always
been joint with Gibson and now contains about the same area as in 1858.
    The first school for this locality was one shared with the Jambo Creek
in Gibson. It was located about 11h miles northwest of Mishicot village and
near the
present site of the Jambo Creek school. Because of the distance to that school
the boys and girls in the Mishicot area, the voters decided to erect a school
in Mishi-
cot. Accordingly, a frame building was erected about 1845 to 1849 on a site
north of, the gristmill near the cemetery. This was one of the first frame
buildings of the county and was of frame construction because Mishicot was
a pioneer
sawmill town. There are no written records of the size nor cost of this building.
Because many of the English settlers were without a church building, this
served as their meeting house on Sundays.

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