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Commemorative biographical record of the Fox River Valley counties of Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families

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aCcOlpanieed his parents to 1crien l colii-
ty, MichI., and  havill", froml boyhood
("\,niced( 1no little skill ini the treatmient of
horses  oflten whible \,et attciidiii  schoiol
being called t1(0m lto  jires(rii  lot- tile  re-
I ief   11f some sick or injured aninial ill the
neighborhood Ihie was, soon after his
arrival ]it 1crricr -outl , "jgiven  (:hai're
of the hoirses, thirtv-t\o  in  iimber,
ow01ed by   t1I  Chliicago WVood   Com1-
pany, a wealthy corporationi (loing  1n
exteinsjive Cti.iie- iu Michigall at that
time.   WVith them    hie remainecd on e
year, adltillg materially to his airca(x
high relutation as a veterinarian, and
then entere(l into an agreoenient with I)r.
P. .. Gar(liner, a veteriiary surgeon of
1)ow igiac, Mich., to act as Ih is assistant
for twxelvc months, at the expiration of
which cinga-ement, in order to perfect
himself in what he had now resolved to
Make the profession of his life, lie pro-
ceeded to New York, and at the Colnmbia
Veterinary College of that city took a full
course, graiduating in the class of 1859.
Returning to    Michigan, lie issociated
himself with hii- foriier patron, Dr. Gard-
iner, in the conducting of a large infirm-
ary for nivalided horses, etc., in Doxag-
iac, xwlhich partnership existed until the
spring of 1861. At that time, the war
of the Rebellion having broken out in full
force, Mr. B owe enlisted in "Burgess
Sharpshooters,"- a military comn paniy com-
posed entircl of volhuteers then liv in', In
Mic I igan.  In 1 862 this conmpany xwxas
attaclled to the SixItx-sixth Ill. V. 1., and
sent into northern Missouri for the pur-
poseof exterminatihg or suppressing the
1ldood-thirsty guerrillas who were doing a
vast aniount of mischief; it also partici-
pated   in the engagement at Mt. Zion
(Mo.), Ft. IHenry    and Ft. Donelson
(Tenn.')i, the battle of Pittsburg Landing
or Sliiloh  (T1enn. ), siege of Corinth
(Miss.), etc. \Vhile in camip near Cor-
inth our subject was mustered out of the
service, receivixg an honorale dischar" e,
and, returnui gr to Michiganii, resumed his
profession at Lawrence, Van Buren coun-
ty, but at the cnd of threex years sold out his
prc(tice and removed to South Bend, I md.,
wherie lie was fully engaged at ]iis profes-
'H1 tillthe spriin" of :867. At this time lie
was offered, and aCCC(leted, tile post of
Setvriiiaru x sirneli for tile Stone Bros.
Circus Co., and traveled with their (staIb-
lishient iII that capacity till  the  fall of
the same -year, thon, resigning :his iosi-
tioii for a time, he retiiried to SoUtli Bniid
and resuiied practice there, remaiiling till
the spring of i,89. Again (;oiniectiiig
himself w\ith the Stone Bros. Circus Co.,
he found himself once moire   oI tile
road," and in October of same year the
  route " brought tile establishment to
WVisconsin al(, some time ill that nionth,
to Steveiis Point, where Dr. Bowe was
taken so ill that lie had to le sent to
hospital.  When convalescent, he was
offered the superintendency Of \Valker's
stage line, which lie accepted, filling the
position for about one year with his char-
acteristic care and diligence, This wxas
at Stevens Point, xvhere his muarriiige took
place, which event will be presently re-
corded, and I)r. and Mrs. Bowve then
made their new homue in Berlin, saiue
State, where he practiced his profession
two x ears, at the end of which time they
removed to Ripon, Fond du Lare county,
xxhence, after a residence there of six
years, they in October, 1879, catte to
    In 1871 D)r. BFowe was married at
Stevens Point, \Vis., to Miss Nellie M.
\Valton, daughter of Willi am and Jane
\Valton, of that place, the former of wxhiorn
served iii the xwar of the Rebellion, and
died from hardships and exposure exlperi-
enced in the field; his widow passed away
Ilu Oshkosh, at the home of our subject.
Mrs. Bowe is a niember of the Episcopal
Church. D)r. Bowe is past commander
of Phil. Sheridan Post No. io, G. A. R.
and ipast master workman of the A. 0. ti.
WV. : politically he is a stanich D)emocrat,
and iii his profession he stands second to
none in the front rank of veterinary sur-

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